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“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”~ Carl Townsend


My life purpose is supporting individuals in manifesting their individual potential. But I didn’t always understand how that would develop or materialize! Starting out my career in the beauty industry during the 90’s, l worked to help others to outwardly express what they felt on the inside. This work allowed me to interact with people in a very personal way and gain a deeper awareness about how people think. I realized many people, mainly women, were dissatisfied with their physical appearance. And this is what first brought me to what would begin my life-long exploration into the imatter of appearances. Through observation, I begin to witness that a person's level of well-being and satisfaction in life had little do with their hair color (of course!), and everything to do with their beliefs about themselves and the life they led.

While I had a natural affinity for this type of work, I found my interest in these questions drew me to studying philosophy, metaphysics, wisdom schools and alternative systems of knowledge at a young age. I found that cosmetology and cosmology shared similar underling premises. Beneath the surface or appearance of things, there is a beauty in the divine order, or patterns, behind all of creation, which is the Truth. As I continued my search for "Truth," I begin to examine my own inherited patterns of belief--habits of mind--that shaped my perceptions, and to question who I really was in the world. My journey led me many places

I left my career in the beauty industry to complete my BA in Literature and Writing studies in 2000 and to travel—combining two passions. I was pulled toward the symbolism and archetypes in poetry and writing. I found beautiful, sacred truths about humanity behind the lattice work of words. In my love of ideas and the imagination, writing and the creative process, I was drawn to the mythology of the Romantic poets; I lived and studied in Wales and Edinburgh for two years. I completed a MA in Writing and Cultural Studies at the University of Edinburgh. It was a mystical time in my life when I had the opportunity to travel to many western European countries, roam medieval towns, museums and cathedrals. I soaked in the vivid history, wrote, and begin a sincere meditation practice for the first time in my life.

Upon my return to California, I began the study the Science of Mind, an inclusive community founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes--and academic who wanted to understand the role of the mind in creating life experience. His practiced is based on the belief that there is only “One Consciousness” that can be used for good to create the life of our dreams. At this same time, I was soon led the field of education for many years. In 2002, I began working in the California State Univeristy system providing college level remediation for incoming students in English. During this time, I also worked as a as teaching assistant in the university writing center and a local community college. I enjoyed talking with students and assisting them in articulating what they truly wanted to express in writing (in thought). This work led me to teach English at an adult high school.


Soon after, in 2004, I accepted a position with a private educational company where I provided professional development to teachers in reading instruction. I was totally immersed in learning about how the brain and its cognitive processes work to take in in-form-ation and comprehend what one is reading--how words and symbols shape and condition our perspective.

Around this time, I soon discovered myself being pulled to larger political issues and began to be involved with the Peace Alliance. Through learning about this grass roots movement to create a cabinet level Department of Peace, I was introduced to the practice of Non-Violent Communication (NVC). I discovered there were only two main NVC centers in the United States—one in Brooklyn and one Oakland. That is when I began to plan my move Northern California. In 2006, I was offered a teaching job in the East Bay and completed my teaching credential. Working as a middle and high school English teacher, I continued my study of NVC and completed a yearlong “Committed Practitioner Program” (CNPP) in 2009. I also continued my study of Religious Science and completed the foundational courses.

Emerging from a year of NVC practice transformed me in many ways. I craved a way to coalesce all that I had learned and was drawn to complete my hypnotherapy certification. From my experience with NVC, I found participants often enter a somewhat meditative or trance, like state while doing this practice. In order to encourage this type of shift with the people I worked with, I trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), past life exploration, spirit releasement, spiritual journeys, dream work, and habit control. I also became an ordained minister with Universal Life Church. I continued to build my NVC and Hypnotherapy/Energy healing practice and realized my dream of brining NVC and mindfulness meditation into schools.

And just think....I did this all with one hand tied behind my back, figuratively speaking! What I mean is, I hadn't really done it on purpose or intentionally, because I had yet to access and process a lot of my internal wounding that had created a mental and emotional prision for me! Albeit, I had lots of help from my upbringing, that did not give much value or attention to the sublte, yet powerful world of energy and emotion. This aspect of my humanity, while being my super power, had been left unfostered, invalidated, and dismissed. And like I've said time and time again, I don't believe I am all that unique. Many empaths have been operating in a world that fails to recognize the incredible value of intelligence and gifts. Can you imagine what will happen when empaths begin to give themselves permission to wield their power consciously and on purpose, giving up dysfuntional ways of creating through crisis, problems, and accidents?

And so... looking into the mirror eventually led me to looking into my heart. My journey has slowly and sweetly led me realize that in addition to the sight that allows the perception of material reality--such as an image in a mirror--I also have another ability to see the realm of image or imagination, also known as the intuitive faculty. It is none other than the power of our creative imagination that allows us to reconnect and rise up to our true, Divine nature. In this way, it is perhaps in our ability to realize this capacity, the full spectrum of our vision is restored or "reintegrated."

When we can only see things from the outside, our heart is closed, and we are cut off from our Divine life line. It is this experience that has resulted in my belief that all healing is an integration, or balance, of the heart and the mind. It is in connecting with the inner vision of my own heart that has allowed me to connect with others and envision new possibilities for ways of being of myself and the world. As our uncle, Albert Einstein reminded us, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I have finally come to understand this through my own self-healing journey; what we refer to as appearances, are simply a result of our own, innate ability and freedom to imagine that is partnered to the intuition--our most valuable tool of all.


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