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But these extrasensory aspects of my humanity, while being my super power, had been left unfostered, invalidated, and dismissed. That was until I begin to create a new option for myself through meditation, yoga, and training my clairvoyance as intuitive empath.


I don’t believe I am all that unique. Many empaths, sensitives, creators, lightworkers, artists, healers and innovating coaches, have been operating in a world that fails to recognize the incredible value of the internal resources of intelligence and gifts stored within in which they draw. Leaving many of these ‘types’ disempowered in a world that have had to disconnect from the internal resources in order to fit into the existing structures, and just survive.

Can you imagine what kind of world we can create when the importance of the health and wholeness of each individual serves as the foundation of our communities and world?


Can you imagine a world, where those that have been disconnected from their own hearts, begins to give themselves permission to wield their own power consciously and on purpose, to give up dysfunctional ways of creating through crisis, problems, and accidents?


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