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When the mind rests in the heart,
whole new worlds not available before
naturally emerge through you!

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I created the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery to support
those Truth Seekers ready to answer the call of their soul,
vitality, purpose, and passion!

Which of the following sounds most like you?

A Creative

You are an extremely creative person who has a talent, skill, or service to offer, but stinks at self promotion, organization, or packaging your services.

Highly empathetic

You are a highly sensitive person and want to discover how to best use your energy as you protect yourself from taking on other people's energy, or to stop the "out of control" healing of others.

Facing a life transition

You are in transition, learning to navigate something new. Maybe your walking through a health crisis,  leaving a job,  but not quite sure how to make the leap.

A Spiritual emergence

Youre going through a spitiual awakening, a sudden expansion of consciousness and want to discover ancient wisdom and tools to make sense of your experience and get on your aligned path.

Coach, healer, lightworker

You are a coach, healer, light worker that is searching for a system to accelerate your how spiritual growth and that of those you support.

A professional

A professional that wants to increase their impact, leadership, and success with less "efforting" and stress to create better life/work balance and greater sense of overall fufillment.

No matter your soul's journey, the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery is an invitation to live your life in a way that is alignment with your deepest values, leading to a greater sense of wholeness, vitality, empowerment, clarity of vision so you can confidently step into your purpose, power, and potential. 

I combine the ancient wisdom of eastern mystery schools, utilizing the tools of meditation, yogic philosophy, myths, and storytelling to bridge the gap between the modern day approaches to understanding of the human nervous system, trauma response, PTSD, and the energetic bio-field, in the integration process at the heart of individual and collective evolution of consciousness unfolding on our planet right now.

In our world today this process is often reduced to mindset or self-development, when it is so much more!! We are being called to re-imagine our whole concept of the "Self" and our relationship to consciousness itself. We are being handed the baton, moving from the inherited Newtonian construct to the more nuanced picture quantum physics has now revealed. We now have evidence that our perception not only affects how we see the world, but shapes our very experience of reality, shifting our role from passive consumers to active co-creators of  our own conscious evolution.

Living a soul-driven life looks different
for everyone...
 finding yours is rarely a straightforward or linear process.

This is where having an experienced guide and mentor can be very get further faster, to not waste one more moment of your precious life! Because the truth is, many people get stuck in their self-limitations, inherited mindsets, and emotional fears and blocks for years, circling around without much progress in their desire directions.

Through the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery, you can enter a guided process of transformation, self-discovery, healing, and creative inspiration.


Instead of trying to fit in old uncomfortable mental, emotional, and energetic operating systems you inherited through conditioning, you can begin to call in your own unique source of genius that only you can share!


Re-membering the innate frequency of your own soul signature!, making your own natural energy more readily available, free from imprints not your own, you discover your most authentic expression as a connection to Source.


This more expansive awareness of yourself creates a simultaneous integration of all aspects of consciousness, freeing up even more of your authentic energy,  accelerating your process of growth, empowerment, to create and step into a life aligned with your soul purpose! 

And of course, rediscovering your most authentic expression not only improves your life, but shifts the entire consciousness of the planet.

What clients are saying...


I I received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training!

Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment! Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!



"I loved working with Adrienne. The course, The Power of Self Awareness was spectacular.

It was just what I needed to connect back with my true self. She was informative, present, and passionate. I highly recommend her as a coach."



For me, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. Ever since that call I am able to catch my Ego faster and I am understanding the relationship with it better, which is essential to living life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self.

Thanks Adrienne!"

Did you miss this SPECIAL on-line event?
If so, you can still access it with one-time
VIP Package pricing!

Hear from global experts to discover how to create a more expansive sense of Self, to heal from within and move beyond limitations that keep you stuck!

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What is the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery?

Consciousness is energetic, so it is not restricted to physical laws. By nature, awareness brings life to where ever it shines. When you learn to harness and direct your mental and emotional energies, you can more intentionally create your experience, world, and dreams. Unfortunately, very few received any training or a handbook on how to develop, grow, and utilize the layers of your own consciousness with purpose. And unfortunately, many of us have had less than life affirming patterns installed into our nervous system before we had any say in it, so they are often unconscious. 

This means working with our multi-dimensional selves, having four main layers of consciousness, ranging in density and frequency,  with each domain (or dimension if you will), operating under distinct, and different laws. These layers include generally speaking: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  As I work with clients, they cultivate their awareness and mastery over the components of consciousness that comprise our human experience and how they work. If the programs and the information they are running remain outside the realm of our awareness, they continue to "rule" us, leaving a whole level of individual power and potential inaccessible to us as a valuable resource. 


In order to access our quantum potential (all that is truly available), we must begin the return to the sacred—the whole, healed, unified Self—through the internal integration and re-assimilation of consciousness on all levels.

My mentoring is organized in distinct, but non-linear steps, where you will discover how your bio-computer--brain, mind, and energetic bodies interact and work together, so you are no longer caught up in habitual ways of being and behaviors that are a product of past, unconscious reactive patterns, leaving you with little choice but to feel out of control, disempowered, and cut off from our true, creative potential that is only, ever fully available to us in the present moment.

I am ready to ATTUNE with my true, authentic SOUL BLUEPRINT and balance my connection with "Self."
THIS includes getting clear on ways of BEING that work for me, through quantum healing, clearing and breaking multidimensional blocks and contracts.
I am ready to ALIGN the structures in my life--home, relationships, work with my vision, values, and commitments. THIS includes putting in place structures, habits, and rituals that serve my vision of what's possible in my life!
I am ready to ASCEND old conditions and ways of being that no longer serve me! THIS includes, maximizing my magic, getting in touch with my spiritual gifts, and taking inspired actions to create success in my life at every level!

Join me for Life-Changing
One-on-One Mentoring

Designed for sensitives, intuitives, soulpreneurs and pilgrims, and conscious creators, ready to EXPEDIATE GROWTH, to cause breakthroughs at your next level of

inner and outer mastery, wealth, health, and success.

Blue night star positive motivation Instagram Post (33).png

So you can shine your light...and step into your best life...

Limiting Patterns, Beliefs and Attitudes

Let Your Vision Emerge
and Align your Actions

Identify and Clear Energetic Structures of 

The Path to Energetic Self-Mastery includes practices for
integrating all the layers of your consciousness:
the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies...

I am ready to access my highest potential!
The 3 Month Mentorship to Energetic Self-Mastery

Energetic Tools, Practices and Personal Guidance customized

for your unique path..


It's simply MORE than just having a "mentor"; it's reclaiming yourself. I work with individuals to locate the places they have become alienated or lost from their most essential Self. I support clients in all stages of transition and growth in their lives, business, relationships, health, and spirituality. Here are the type of results my clients have received from integrative healing coaching:

  • Creating and healing love relationships​


  • ​Aligning career choices with values


  • Transform parent/child relationships


  • Creating leadership at work, home, and family


  • Managing and releasing grief, shame, and guilt that keeps you stuck


  •  Planning, starting, and completing life changing projects

  • Rewriting generational trauma, and healing ancestral lineage

  • Clearing incarnational contracts, to integrate layers of "stuck" or  "stale" aspects of consciousness

There's more...
20180801_112353 (2).jpg


"Adrienne led me into a greater self-awareness with compassion and a focus on the solution. Working with Adrienne has been a process of growth and hope for me when I was particularly in pain around my relationships.

She guided me into a higher consciousness and I continue to use what she taught me as a way to connect with myself and be reminded of the love that is within and around me and on its way!"​



"It was crucial for my self-growth to take the step and experience Adrienne’s coaching. It was a “yes” moment that I allowed before I could make an excuse not to pursue it. To me, the coaching was a form of self-care and getting to know who I am, after years of being buried under patterns that I thought protected me, but ultimately hindered my authenticity and growth. Coaching with Adrienne was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in over a decade."



"Working with Adrienne was a game changer. She helped me approach my career with fresh eyes and an unbiased opinion.

I don't have much experience with meditation or self-awarness work, but she broke down everything

into very basic steps, making sure I was comfortable. I was able to calm my chaotic thoughts, bringing serenity to my haphazard decision-making

process. I was able to focus on details that I would never have thought to consider myself. Her guidance was invaluable."





What vision is calling you?


Join me in the weekly INoke Signature Wisdom Circle! 

Are you a visionary? A healer? A magical creator? A lightworker that is ready to step fully into your soul sovereignty?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions I want to welcome you to the quantum realm of potential!


What is the quantum realm you may ask? This is the non-physical realm of consciousness, imagination, intuition, and most importantly energetic attunement where all creation originates.


INvoke offers a community of accountability and progress that actually "sees" you, so you can actively increase your self-awareness and accelerate your forward momentum in every aspect of our life. Why, is this important you ask? Your level of awareness  of your energetic state determines everything in your life--how you engage in it, how you relate to yourself, others and the world! Simply put, it determines the experience of your life.

I am excited to invite new members to the Signature Mastermind group, "INVOKE," where a like minded group of people can deeply delve into increasing their level of Self-Awareness, to call forth your truest SELF from the quantum realm of potentiality.   You will become a student of your own self-awareness, to identify what habits, thinking, or behaviors hold you back. We will look at every area of your life, bringing a level of awareness that is focused and authentic, based on your sense of well-being, goals, aspirations, and vision for your life, all in a like-minded community of seekers and sages.


We will unpack the fundamentals of energetic self-awareness—to examine how it affects every level of our lives, including the level of ease and freedom we experience in life.  We will also be looking at some of the biggest questions people have about their purpose and activating their potential. For example, some of the topics we've already explored are:

  • The difference between self-awareness and consciousness from quantum perspective.

  • The architecture of consciousness and how it shapes our everyday awareness and actions.

  • Practices, tools and mindsets to navigate repetitive or unproductive, painful patterns of thinking and behaving.

  • Align your life with your values.

  • Create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with Self and then others.

  • Gain clarity about life purpose.

  • Locate healthy, balanced approaches to money, abundance, health, and time.

  • Balance shadow aspects, self-sabotage, integrating its potential and gifts.

  • Utilize the power of focused attention.

  • The integration of consciousness, ending the continual need to project out in the world.

You can join at anytime--with tons of content already available in the group.


Click on this link to find out more or to join

the INvoke Signature Wisdom Circle 

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Blue Water

"The ego-mind, or personality, is only one layer of our existence—the layer in which we’ve been most conditioned to keep our awareness focused. Once you begin to quiet yourself, you begin to sink down into your fullness, beginning to perceive the deepest levels of your BEING that is below the internal monologue and the continual roller coaster of emotions you think are you.” 

Adrienne Lopez

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