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Integrative Healing Coaching

One-On-One Coaching Sesssion

60 minutes

  • Overcome a difficult situation in your home, job, or family 

  • Create more economic abundance

  • Understand a difficult relationship

  • Identify and set goal

  • Address a healing crisis, and /or roots of addictions

  • Understand your business and/or employee dynamics

  • Understand or get feedback on an intuitive child

  • Understand the emotional/spiritual energy around physical and mental health issues

  • Better understand a phobia

  • Communicate with a higher power


I have a talent for giving people a deeper insight into their own, as well as another person’s, behavior and decisions. Clairvoyantly seeing how and where people get stuck, helps me to move them through their blocks.  I also help people look at situations from a spiritual perspective of growth and learning. Often when you understand the bigger “picture,” it’s easier to deal with it or heal.

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Northern Lights

Hypnotherapy Session

1.5 hours

You may feel hesitant or unsure how to begin a trek into your inner store house of information and understanding. Having a knowledgeable guide can be a great first step to exploring the psychological and emotional booby traps that have kept you “stuck” for ages. You will walk away with some basic tools to establish an at home practice. Some of the techniques I employ include:

  • Work with your Higher Self, Inner Child, and Ego personality

  • Self-hypnosis techniques

  • Access and use timelines to clear emotional trauma or dissociation

  • Discover inner gifts and wisdom

  • Heal and release past life and present time energetic and emotional imprints

  • Break and/or create new agreements

  • Create neutrality around emotionally charged situations or events

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Northern Lights

One-On-One Coaching Session Package  

Four-60 minute Sessions

In these sessions, I show you how to begin seeing each problem or obstacle as an invitation as an opportunity for communicating with your own soul, and creating greater self-understanding, growth, and expansion in all areas of your life. This requires developing an ability to identify, and then shift your energetic patterns, beliefs systems and agreements with yourself, and then others. Some of the areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaining clarity on your life purpose, work, career and legacy

  • Healing addictive behaviors, ways of relating and relationship (empath/narcissist)

  • Addressing and overcoming restrictive self-image, belief, and mindsets

  • Cultivate more expansive emotional container for self, to heal and navigate emotions

  • Re-parenting the Inner Child—inner family work and parts work

  • Heal trauma and disassociation

  • Communication with Higher Self

  • Explore multi-dimensional aspects of self/intergalactic beings and guides

  • Identify and work with healing guides

  • Develop and validate your own inner wisdom and knowing

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Northern Lights

Integrative Healing

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness 101:
How to Make Friends with
your Monkey Mind!

A 6-Week Mindfulness Journey 

 Discover tools and practices to tranform your relationship to your mind!

Week One:​ Mindful Breathing and Anchor Words--in this module you'll be given tools to begin your own mindfulness meditation practice. You’ll find out exactly what mindfulness is and what you’re actually doing when you meditate.

Week Two:​ Mindful Bodies--You’ll increase your capacity to identify bodily sensations and discover how they shape and affect your everyday experience of life. 

Week Three:​ Distinguish Thoughts from Emotions-- You'll learn all about your emotions and how to deal with them. You'll discover how thoughts and emotions are related, how to respond instead of react, and how to cultivate positive emotional states.

Week Four:​ Cultivate Gratitude and Kindness--You will learn powerful practices for Heartfulness which allow you develop your capacity for empathy compassion for self and others.

Week Five:​ Mindful Eating-- You’ll learn about increasing your awareness around patterns of eating--both the physical and emotional cues behind hunger. 

Week Six: ​Relating to Others--This week you'll learn how to take your practice off your cushion and into the rest of your life. You’ll discover techniques for connecting to self, with others, and communicating more effectively and compassionately

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In this six-week course, where you'll learn about research-based practices that support happiness and well-being. You will explore the internal and external resources you possess to face life’s challenges and tame that monkey mind and more!

This introductory mindfulness series includes skills and practices that will support you as well as, your family, friends, and co-workers in living a balanced lifestyle that integrates self-empathy and stress management skills.

Much of the recent research done on mindfulness practices shows that mindful awareness practices (MAP’s) improve mental and physical health, cultivate compassion, deepen relationships, and reduce negative emotions.

By applying MAPs, you can train the brain into healthy patterns to improve the quality and experience of life. You’ll learn about mindful theory, how to apply mindfulness practices, and transform your relationship with yourself and others. 
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One Year Mentorship

“Rituals of the Sacred Self”

Registration NOW closed!

This mentorship will focus on the main 7 chakras as the ultimate gateways to self-knowing and understanding.


Each month we will delve into the knowledge, information, and technology embedded in each energy center and how we can actively engage the wisdom contained to heal and release limiting energy imprints and restrictions to become the active creators that is encoded in our DNA.


This program, is a journey back to the authentic self, and will include weekly class with content, coaching, and at home practices, which will include a private Facebook community group and chat.

 Some of the content included is as follows:

  • Models of running your own energy, identifying entanglement and self-focus

  • A self-guided map to track your own chakras, how they interact and relate

  • Development of a personal practice or ritual to intentionally work with chakra energy and creation

  • Identify and balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

  • Inner Family work—the trinity and its role in creating

  • The role of play in creation

  • Dealing with external and internal resistance

* the "BOOK NOW" button will take you to my calendly page, where you will find a 4 part

multi-payment for your convenience.

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“Knowledge is structured in consciousness, in the transcendental field, in which reside all the impulses of creative intelligence responsible for the whole manifest universe...He who knows this field is established in evenness, wholeness of life.”                                                                                                                        ~ Rik Veda

Welcome to the

Signature Mastermind 

that will alter your center of gravity!





Are you ready to set the world on fire, but not quite sure how to begin?

The truth is, many of us were not given the tools or skills to address the conditions we're currently facing in the world. Mostly, because few know that these tools are actually available!  And, this is no fault of your own. We in the middle of a collective awakening.

INvoke is a weekly Signature Mastermind and mentorship group specifically designed as a compassionate container, to gently guide you through the inner-work needed to get you through the current

blip in the matrix that you're stuck in.

 It's a space where you can reconnect with your sovereignty and call in the level of freedom that is your birthright.

I created it for those of you ready to remember that you chose this life, this moment,  to rendezvous with the truest version of Self--your highest potential.

Find out more HERE

act now take advantage of the discount rate until June 30th, 2023

We start back up April 9th, 2023

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