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The 3 Day 

Signature Club

Video Training Series 

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Welcome to

A FREE training for seekers, dreamers, creators, coaches, healers, light workers, and intuitives, 

ready to align and move boldly

into their purpose, 

calling forth the highest version of SELF!

Monday, June 14th thru Wednesday June 16th

"RE-turning to the SELF"

Join me to discover the power of Self-awareness to locate and transform "blind spots" and triggers, to FREE yourself from painful, repetivtive patterns, and step into the freedom to be YOU!

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Download your Workbook

Grab your workbook first!


You’ll need it for the two video training days and the

LIVE Zoom Workshop.


Print it out or have it on a different screen to the video trainings and use plain paper.

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My Workbook

The INvoke Vision:

Calling forth the power of our minds and hearts to explore potentials and possibilities of human nature, that inspires others to imagine bigger and bolder and to utilize our creative energy in ways that expands what is possible, for the good of all.

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Sign up for the Interactive Workshop

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Day 3 of my brand new

LIVE Zoom training workshop!


Returning to the Self -- the power of self-awarness,

removing all the structures that keep us separate from the truth of who we are--ending our co-dependency on your mental structures, the energy of others, and attachment to what other people think about us.

In this 3 day training, you will receive the skills and practices to locate and transform your "blind spots" and triggers that keep you stuck in painful or repetivtive patterns.


We can't transform, transmute, or heal what remains outside of conscious awareness.


Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, places are extremely limited, and they will go fast.

On Wednesday,  April 28th, 2021(4 PM PST)

one lucky LIVE attendee will be gifted my three month coaching, a value of $2,997.

as my free gift of love for attending. Worldwide.



Register HERE for the

Day 3 LIVE Workshop

with Adrienne




Returning to the Self

Discover the power of Self-awareness to locate and transform "blind spots" and triggers, to FREE yourself from painful, repetivtive patterns.

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"Adrienne led me into a greater self-awareness with compassion and a focus on the solution. Working with Adrienne has been a process of growth and hope for me when I was particularly in pain around my relationships.

She guided me into a higher consciousness and I continue to use what she taught me as a way to connect with myself and be reminded of the love that is within and around me and on its way!"​



"It was crucial for my self-growth to take the step and experience Adrienne’s coaching. It was a “yes” moment that I allowed before I could make an excuse not to pursue it. To me, the coaching was a form of self-care and getting to know who I am, after years of being buried under patterns that I thought protected me, but ultimately hindered my authenticity and growth. Coaching with Adrienne was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in over a decade."



"Working with Adrienne was a game changer. She helped me approach my career with fresh eyes and an unbiased opinion.

I don't have much experience with meditation or mindfulness but she broke down everything

into very basic steps, making sure I was comfortable. I was able to calm my chaotic thoughts, bringing serenity to my haphazard decision-making

process. I was able to focus on details that I would never have thought to consider myself. Her guidance was invaluable."

Have you downloaded your Workbook yet?

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My Workbook


Training one drops here on Monday April 26th

Did you REGISTER for the Day 3 LIVE Workshop yet?

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Training Two drops here on Tuesday April 27th

Did you REGISTER for the Day 3 LIVE Workshop yet?

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INvoke is a container for the process of re-membering

the Truest SELF , which is counter to our ego's programming:

Basic Principles:

  • Being creative is far more than an activity — it is the nature of consciousness itself. We are creator beings that are in the process of RE-learning how to access the FULL spectrum of our consciousness, which is the bridge to our purpose and our transcendence.

  • Membership to the INvoke community offers weekly practices and exercises especially designed to help you resolve past trauma and foundational wounding and programming that has taught you away from your intuition and self- knowing, so you can powerfully create in all areas of your life. It also offers tools to create your legacy project: the lasting contribution you would like to gift the world. You have so MUCH TO GIVE!

  • INvoke is the only mentorship group in the world that is specifically designed as a compassionate container, to gently guide seekers, dreamers, creatives, coaches, intuitives, healers and lightworkers through the inner, evolutionary work needed to transform the current blip in the matrix that has you in a "holding pattern."



Will you dance with me, to the melody of your soul?



Before I started working with Adrienne, I was lacking clarity about how to put together all my talents and knowledge to serve others full-time. I have always created excuses (easily distracted) to avoid working on my projects full-time, keeping them on the sideline.


I worked with Adrienne, and received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training!

Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment! Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!

Irene Marti

Valencia, Spain



Prior to working with Adrienne I had fallen into a vicious cycle of depression and confusion. I was no longer feeling like myself nor was I able to enjoy my life or my wonderful children. This is definitely not a normal stage for me to be in for too long, missing my usually optimistic self and really wanting to get on with my life.

I had fallen into a darkness that I didn’t see a way out of. I was completely stuck in the Ego and my Mental body. Adrienne saw this immediately and through only a few phone calls was able to gently speak with me, guide me to my own answers.

For me this was the key to climbing out of the hole, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. Ever since that call I am able to catch my Ego faster and I am understanding the relationship with it better, which is essential to living life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self. Thank you Adrienne!!


With all my love,




live Training Three drops here on wednesday April 28th. YOu can catch the replay!

Did you REGISTER for the Day 3 LIVE Workshop yet?

Are you ready to discover your path?
Receiving support from a like-minded community can make all the difference!

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