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A 3-Part, LIVE interactive, workshop designed to help you harness the power of self-awareness and discover why it's your most valuable asset;  to find your authentic Self, your freedom, and the fullest expression of who you are!

Join me Wednesday
Sept 15th, 22nd, and 29th @ 10 AM PST

What would discovering your authentic Self, the power to intentionally create your life, and the freedom to express the truth of who you are be worth?


Awareness is everything…

Without it, you wouldn't have an experience of the world, a sense of self or other, or the ability to enjoy a beautiful sunset. 

Now, imagine for a moment, that you could turn up all the enjoyable experiences in your life, all the way? So, your mind was no longer clouded by fears, self-doubts, or negative thinking, some of which may have held you back for years. There is nothing worse than having a hope, a dream, or talent that you never move forward with because you talk yourself out of it before you even get started! But this is exactly what happens to many people, who get stuck for years, waiting for the perfect conditions in their life to unfold.

I believe that you, and your dreams, are too precious to let this happen! This is why I created a 3-part interactive, intensive workshop for people that are ready to learn about self-awareness, which can seem like, both a gift and curse simultaneously, because it allows us to experience the grandeur of our own consciousness, as well as the ability to "check out" when things get too uncomfortable or overwhelming. Did you know there are very specific reasons why you might feel disempowered and check-out in certain areas of your life?

In my new, 3-Part Workshop “The Power of Self-Awareness: Find Your Freedom,” I want to share with you the real, internal forces that stop many in their tracks! Most people end up blaming themselves, not understanding why they struggle to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors or obstacles in their lives!


You may have heard the phrase: “It’s not your fault—it’s your conditioning.”

Well, this is true, but it’s not enough to intellectually "know" about the concept of conditioning; you need to understand how it happens so you can take back the power over your most basic, yet precious resource—your self-awareness! And it can be very difficult to do if you don’t know how your hardware—brain and nervous system, interface with your software—your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. This shift in perspective can free you from biological mechanisms that were designed to keep you safe, but not necessarily living your best life!

And once you understand, you will stop blaming yourself and others, and there will be nothing—not even you, that can hold you back! This is one of the most powerful, yet simple lessons I've learned along my self-healing journey:


If you really want to evolve to your highest potential, it is through intentionally creating and orchestrating what you think about—self-awareness, and how you think about your thoughts—your perception.

I have spent over 30 years studying consciousness, to understand and ultimately free, first myself and then my clients, from self-defeating habits of mind. And what I found is, because individual ways of thinking are most often inhabited for so long, they become "normal," even if they are not true or empowering. Because awareness is the soil in which your entire life grows from, this information is definitely too important to pass up!


Once you understand your inner technology, you begin to integrate all the disparate forces of the unconsciousness mind that are currently running your life. Then your authentic Self naturally emerges and your full power becomes more accessible. It’s a sort of an awakening process, so to speak, to your complete potential and the resting assets, lying beneath your waking consciousness.


This is the work I do as an Integrative Awareness Coach, guiding people through the process of creating the conditions of coherence within their inner space—in the human framework of the mind and heart. This is the process of getting all aspects of yourself unified, so you can consciously create your destiny, not suffer your fate. This is unity consciousness, as a lived, authentic human experience that is your birthright.

As the world shakes and shutters...

IMG_20200206_081921_162 (2).jpg

People around the world are searching for a sustainable path through this strange, new world we now find ourselves in. It's difficult for many to see the road ahead, to face unpredictable challenges and fears that inevitably accompany them. It’s also given us the opportunity to turn within, to tune in more deeply with the power of our own mind and heart, and have a conversation with life.


While some emerged from this chapter feeling hopeful with a vision for the future, others feel overwhelmed, defeated, hopeless, or alone. And still others, probably like you because you're reading this, have one foot on each shore, with no idea how to bridge the gap! As old-world structures and systems crumble outside our window, one thing is for sure...we need a whole new rule book to make this quantum leap!


"Your sense of self-awareness  shapes your perception, 
determining how you get to show up in the world.  
And if you aren't orchestrating it,  the outer world will."

20200219_193907 (2).jpg

This is a pivotal moment in history, as an entire re-evolution of the Self is occurring for those ready; you have the opportunity to gather around the communal campfire and cast off the culturally, conditioned restrictions that have housed consciousness itself. 

This inner evolutionary work requires your most valuable asset—your self-awareness! You already have all the pieces to the puzzle for this juncture in the journey, but it is the power of your own awareness that will allow you to cross the bridge to the new field of “being” that awaits you.

How’s that, you ask? Well, simply put, self-awareness just may be the elixir can rapidly break through unconscious beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaving, that have limited your self-perception. In order to shift into the fullest expression of who you truly are, you need to clear the ground, unpacking conditioned ways of being, internalized scripts and old, outworn timelines, blocking access to your fullest potential, gifts, and talents you are here to share, to shift and shape the new world unfolding. 

It's time to pull out all the stops my friend, and I want to share with you the quickest route I’ve found to connecting to your most authentic Self.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

In a recent research on mindfulness, health and well-being, Professor Richard Davidson found that the average adult, American spends 47% of their day not paying attention or being aware of what they’re doing.

In another study on awareness and fulfillment, Dr. Tasha Eurich found that while 95% of people think that they’re self-aware, the real is number only 10-15%!

This means, that when you ask people, 80% of people have no accurate image of their own relationship to awareness, or the ability to be truly introspective or self-accessing.

So, what’s happening? Why are so many people confused about the most fundamental aspect of their being?

What this research reveals, as science has finally caught up with what the yogis have taught for a millennia, that there is a disconnect between what people think and feel, and their actual behaviors and actions. There is a lack of integration of the “parts” of consciousness. This is what causes so many to circle in repetitive patterns and behaviors, instead of spiraling out, to evolve and learn from their experience. There is a scientific reason why this happens and I want to share it with you!

To do just this, I created a 3-Part Workshop, “The Power of Self-Awareness: Find your Freedom,” to uncover the real reasons why people are unaware, why they are disconnected from self, and what happens as a result. As Pantajali states in the Yoga Sutras, "the cause of all suffering is ignorance,"- or "ignoring" the Self. This is not intentional, but a result of the analytical mind's inability to realistically "see" the entirety of Self.

In this workshop, you will discover the power to truly know yourself, which builds a sense of authentic and unshakable self-trust, confidence, and worthiness. I bring together modern science, the wisdom of the eastern philosophy, and metaphysics, to illuminate the common messages, encapsulated in diverse vocabularies and lenses, hidden right under our noses! There is a reason why the epithet, “Know Thyself” was written over the entrance of the Oracle of Delphi’s temple.


Hi there...
my name is Adrienne

I was always curious to know why people checkout, self-distract, use substances, suffer from addictions, feel trapped in unhealthy habits and ways of behaving or relating? Mostly because I was surrounded by it.

As a child, like so many, I grew up in dysfunctional home, experiencing sexual abuse, emotional neglect, the mental illness of my older sister and brother, co-dependency, and addiction. I ended up playing the role of caretaker. And even, as a child, I remember looking around, thinking to myself, there has got to be better way!  It was like seeing people stuck, behind invisible walls; but they couldn’t see them, because they were internally constructed, virtually invisible to most.

So, I began researching like mad; I read every book, attended every training, earned my BA in Cultural Studies, MA in Western Philosophy, my teaching credential, studying communication, linquistics, self-development, psychology, cognitive science, the affects of addiction on the brain, energy healing, hypnosis, meditation, sound healing and yoga.


Actually, it was my trauma that led me through my transformation and awakening process, to see what was keeping those invisible walls in place for people, while remaining seemingly unaware of what was really shaping my decisions, behaviors, and actions. Of course, this required me to do the work; to find effective ways to skillfully decipher how perception is constructed, and how it is grounded limited view of reality.

Unfortunately, my story is not unique. No, one grows up in this culture untouched by this disconnection from self, because it's built on it!


Perception is reality...until you actually understand what creates it.

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Pssst...You are your own best kept secret!

I went through the first half of my life feeling confused, trying to follow along, but something thing didn't feel right. I couldn't quite but my finger on it, like I was searching for something that was missing. Now, I know it was me! I didn't quite understand that self-awareness was the number one tool for powerfully
creating my life.
And clearly, I am not alone.

Why is that? Well, it's largely because awareness is the water we swim in, so we don't even see the medium in which our self-concept or image is made,  something so powerful because it determines what we believe is possible, how we get to be in the world.  

As a result, very few people ever get the opportunity to really understand how their sense of self is actually created and how it really works.  Once you do,  you can locate and release areas of stagnation and restriction in the form of beliefs, thoughts, emotions—that quite literally drain your life energy. As you begin the clearing process, removing stuck ways of being, you restore the fluidity of consciousness, freeing up your power, to utlize as you choose!

I've been able to take historically, abstract, eastern principles and tools and combine them with modern cognitive science, making easy to understand models of how your nervous works, processes information, and shapes your cognitive framework
and realtionship to "self" and reality.

With this inclusive view of consciousness, you can more fully access the power contained in your awareness--your most valuable asset!


I will share with you the fundamentals and priceless benefits of building your self-awareness muscle! 


Blind Spots

You try to solve the problems in your life with their small self, called the "ego," because you have a limited idea of what ego does, or are unaware when you are functioning in it. Until you address the "root" cause, the symptoms or conditions in you life will remain.


Making that quantum leap is about embodied, or somatic experiencing, befriending and getting to know your nervous system,  not accumulating more knowledge. It's about learning how decode and integrate all the wisdom you already have inside.


Empowered Action

It's difficult to take powerful action in your life, when you aren't quite aware of everything  that is "in-form-ing" you.  The power to heal your life, is the line of communication between the unconscious and conscious parts of your being.

Knowledge vs. Knowing

In this 3-part, interactive, intensive workshop you will begin to
shift your relationship to world from within and...

  • Grow your self-confidence and self-trust


  • Release guilt, shame, self-criticism, and negative self-talk

  • Identify limiting patterns, beliefs, and habits, to discover why they are there, so you can clear and heal them


  • Discover your unique passion, talents, and gifts


  • Take “response-ability” for your actions and behavior in relationship


  • Cultivate healthiers ways of relating to self, and others.


  • Elevate the level in which you engage in every area of life


  • Learn self-compassion and self-forgiveness


  • Give your Ego a break, releasing all it "thinks" it knows


  • Discover a truly authentic ground to anchor your consciousness 


  • Become the truest version of you!


  • Give permission to all those around you to step into the same level of freedom

I created this new, 3-part interactive, intensive workshop for those ready to:

  • Locate and transform your "blind spots" and triggers, FREEing yourself from painful, repetitive patterns that have kept you stuck for ages


  • Confidently step into your integrated, most authentic Self, so you can confidently wave goodby to old habits, timelines, and scripts


  • Embracing the clarity you need to begin consciously creating your destiny in this expanded state, so you don't have to suffer your fate.

Ocean Background.png
Mindfulness 101 (4).png

This is a 3-Week Workshop Masterclass, includes 3 individual, 90 minute, LIVE, interactive, intensive video trainings.

(via Zoom, world wide)

During this 3-Part LIVE interactive, intensive Workshop, 

I'm sharing many of the frameworks and practices I’ve used along my own self-healing journey, so you can begin to free yourself from “blind spots” that may have limited your sense of self and how you got to show up in world!


You'll have one module per week, 

for 3 consecutive Thursdays via Zoom.

Clear your calendar NOW!

Take advantage of the

Course FEE: $47


Workshop Dates: Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM PST:


Sept 15th

Sept 22nd

Sept 29th


Each workshop is scheduled for 1.5 hours, with at home practices to support you to consciously create a new relationship with your own self-awareness. If you can't make it LIVE--I got you covered! Each workshop will be recorded and posted in your course area, so don't worry!

In this workshop, you will discover how to approach your awareness in ways that will empower beyond what you believed possible:

Module 1: Make the Unconscious Conscious 

  • How the structure of your consciousness actually “hides” the real you.

  • How to use the truth serum of self-awareness can unfold these hidden aspects of your consciousness


Module 2: Befriend the Players on the Stage

  • How to use the Ego Triangle to propel you forward

  • How to Identify and release yourself from unconscious roles and behaviors 


Module 3: Clear your Path to Power

  • How to manage emotions that keep you playing small and safe inside your comfort zone.

  • How to uncover the real blueprint for your life--so your innate passions, gifts, and talents—to emerge!

Limited to only 50 people, so register early to save your spot!

The Power of Self-Awareness Course Includes:

Master the Landscape of Self-Awarness--Let's REcap



Weekly Modules, containing practices, strategies and biohacks to support you in understanding your own relationship to self-awareness, how unconscious behaviors, roles, and pain patterns, have limited your freedom to be the REAL you,   and  a step-by-step processes to intentionally clear them.




THREE Weekly, 90 minute,  interactive, intensive, Zoom group video trainings, with the opportunity to practice, share, inspire, ask questions, be inspired, listen, and take notes on empowered models for approaching your own consciousness, that will allow you to confidently wave goodby to  the old world, and bravely step into your new one.




My 30 years of expertise and inspiration to integrate your  mind and heart with trail blazing, quantum life coaching and facilitation to transfom your life over time. I will guide participants to really address that core cause, not just deal with the symptoms or conditions, so can create your destiny, not suffer your fate.


discover your destiny!


your dreams


allow yourself to Be!

Is this workshop right for me?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions,  

then you're  in the RIGHT PLACE!


1. Are you committed to your own path of awakening, and doing the inner work required for yourself and others ?

Dark Ocean

2.  Are you willing to observe, heal, and transcend painful or restrictive patterns ?

Ocean Water

3.  Are you ready to access your deep and authentic power, so your choices align with your values ?

What people are saying...

20180801_112353 (2).jpg


"Adrienne led me into a greater self-awareness with compassion and a focus on the solution. Working with Adrienne has been a process of growth and hope for me when I was particularly in pain around my relationships.

She guided me into a higher consciousness and I continue to use what she taught me as a way to connect with myself and be reminded of the love that is within and around me and on its way!"​



"It was crucial for my self-growth to take the step and experience Adrienne’s coaching. It was a “yes” moment that I allowed before I could make an excuse not to pursue it. To me, the coaching was a form of self-care and getting to know who I am, after years of being buried under patterns that I thought protected me, but ultimately hindered my authenticity and growth. Coaching with Adrienne was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in over a decade."



"Working with Adrienne was a game changer. She helped me approach my career with fresh eyes and an unbiased opinion.

I don't have much experience with meditation or mindfulness but she broke down everything

into very basic steps, making sure I was comfortable. I was able to calm my chaotic thoughts, bringing serenity to my haphazard decision-making

process. I was able to focus on details that I would never have thought to consider myself. Her guidance was invaluable."

The countdown has begun!
You still have time to join me.

Course begins Wednesday,
Sept 15th @ 10:00 AM PST

Limited to only 50 people, so register early to save your spot!


Before I started working with Adrienne, I was lacking clarity about how to put together all my talents and knowledge to serve others full-time. I have always created excuses (easily distracted) to avoid working on my projects full-time, keeping them on the sideline.


I worked with Adrienne, and received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training!

Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment!


Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!

Irene Marti

Valencia, Spain


Will the weekly trainings be recorded?

Do not fear....if you can’t make a session, you can still catch the recording. Each weekly Zoom training will recorded and posted in your course area so you can watch it as many times as you would like.

What if I have questions about the course content as I go through each module?

Each module has a discussion area, where you can post comments, ask questons, or share your experience. You can also feel free to connect through the Mindheart-space Facebook messenger app.

What if I need more support?

For those ready to work directly, one-on-one, with me for individual mentoring, I created the VIP Mentorship, It is a 3 month, deep dive into self-awareness and is an excellent option for you if you're ready to accelerate your rate of the transformation your consciousness. 

Prior to working with Adrienne I had fallen into a vicious cycle of depression and confusion. I was no longer feeling like myself nor was I able to enjoy my life or my wonderful children. This is definitely not a normal stage for me to be in for too long, missing my usually optimistic self and really wanting to get on with my life.

I had fallen into a darkness that I didn’t see a way out of. I was completely stuck in the Ego and my Mental body. Adrienne saw this immediately and through only a few sessions she was able to gently speak with me, guide me to my own answers, already there--just waiting for me,

For me this was the key to climbing out of the hole, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. I am able to catch my Ego faster and I understand my relationship with it better, which is essential to living life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self.


Thank you Adrienne!!




Join "The Power of Self-Awareness: Find Your Freedom" 
The 3-Part Workshop today and

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"I'm not the person to guide you on your Hero's Journey; you've already done that, or at least most of it.  I'm your guide to your integrated, most empowered Self."

See you on the "inside"!


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I did all the work,
so you don't have to!

JOIN me for this one-of-kind event. Your life will never be the same!
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