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Weekly Wednesday's Update

Greetings my friends!!! I hope you are all well and thriving and enjoyed your Thanksgiving. It has been awhile since I've had the time to write here, but I've been a busy bee doing my own healing work and transformation. I'm in the process of a major transition in how I show up and how I will be of service to the world. I'm cooking up some great, new things for you in the New Year, 2020, just around the corner! I will be launching my new coaching services as a full-time Integrative Life Coach, mostly likely by April when I return from completing some more travel. During my travels, I will be completing 3 months of study and inner work at various ashrams in India, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, gathering some more resources in my toolbox, that I will start offering in one-one-one coaching, small groups and hopefully retreats full-time. I hope to work with individuals who are ready to embark on their path to wellness on ALL levels of their being.

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, or don't know about the Mindheart-space Facebook page, I just wanted to stop by with an update for you that may want to take advantage of my new, free weekly (mostly) on-line community meditation group. In the weekly discussion, I invite you to join me for the inquiry and practice into all things meditative. This includes all topics related to consciousness and what it is to be a human in our modern world today. I hope you can join me over at Facebook, but for those of you that already have enough online engagement, I will start including a link on my blog here each week. Please see below for last topic is "Healing from the Core" where I share about my 30--day silent retreat experience from this summer and the kind of work I hope to do with my clients. I took last week off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Wishing you a great week and I'll see you this Wednesday for some new content. Here is the link to Mindheart-space on Facebook:

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