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The "Chosen One"

Countless stories told throughout the ages contain a hero figure (and sometimes a heroine) that discovers he is the “Chosen One.” We could go all the way back to the ancient texts, but some modern-day examples that you may be more familiar with are: Luke Sky-walker in Star Wars, Neo in The Matrix, and Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Each of these characters experiences a fall from innocence, to discover a brutal truth about the world they live in, which forces them make a “choice” –to take action to remedy a situation in which they are faced, or to look the other way and ignore it. And at the same time, there is absolutely no promise that they will be successful in their attempts to right the injustice they experience. These characters have to act on faith in themselves, in the common good, and in life itself. In this way they are portrayed as the “Chosen One.”

Like many, I’ve always been fascinated by the hero’s journey, even before I had ever heard about the archetypes of Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces.” As a young girl, I wondered why there were not more female heroes, faced with embarking on journeys to save what they valued most and held most dear. This is what motivated me to begin the study of individuation through the different domains of philosophy, world religion, psychology, writing and literature. But since then, I’ve come full circle, to understand—while stories may inspire us, “we” --whether male or female, can no longer be distracted by the glamour of tales of heroes in far off lands made in the studios of Hollywood, but desperately need to be the hero in the story of our own life, right here—right now!

While nothing is wrong with enjoying a good movie or story (I love movies), many in our society today are suffering from a disconnect between the life they long for and the life they are actually living. How can we apply the lessons we learn in the stories that inspire us—so that they become living truths? While we may support or inspire others through our actions or the stories we tell, no one else can be the “Chosen One” in our own life, but us. If we don’t courageously protect and serve what we value and hold most dear, no one can do it for us. And it starts at the level of self--how we manage and attend to our own inner landscape. We’ve come to a fork in the road as a culture, as a community, where we can no longer look outside for our savior—our hero—our star--but we must become it. We have to face the fact that we are our own “Chosen One.” But, just how do we go about embodying the hero or heroine archetype, if we choose to accept the role of the “Chosen One” in our own life?

To help answer this question and to salute all of you—as the hero or heroine in your own life, I have written a 3-part series entitled the “Chosen One.” This piece has emerged slowly over years and has finally been completed at this time because it is now ready to be received. Each week, I will publish a new part. Please enjoy Part I here below:

"The Chosen One" Part I

I see a powerful, healthy, capable person creating a life from the Truth of that which you are…any appearance to the contrary is simply falling away. I can see who you are, even if your ego or personality is doing overtime, struggling for dear life. There is healing through consciousness. Spirit is lifting you up and supporting you. It is doing all the work as you surrender to this power, knowing that there is a wisdom that goes beyond you, but expresses through you.

I see any sadness still around you serving as a protection from a lie, about the misuse of power—disguised as love, falling away. I see a shift in perception, as you realize again that this power has always, already been there, but you couldn’t quite see it or trust it, although you’ve felt it.

As life asks itself:

“Are you ready to release the false ideas you hold onto so desperately? Are they uncomfortable enough? Have you believed them long enough? Are you ready to reflect the Real truth about who you are? Are ready to believe and let go of the obstacles that keep you in your limited, albeit comfortable place? Are you that? Are you willing to be in love, every moment? Not with others, but with yourself…?”

Then, and only then…will the path be cleared for you to support yourself and others to pursue their highest good. Are you ready to surrender your fear and the beliefs it has created? If you can't be entrusted to care and love yourself…how then can we trusted with anything greater? How can you embody the Christ consciousness? Are you ready to clean house in this lifetime, or would you like to wait until the next? Either way, it’s OK. Life will always love you, for it doesn’t know any different. Is this the dream you had for your life? It’s OK not to know. It’s OK to be confused. It’s all part of the process.

This week, I invite you sit down and write a page answering the question "What do I desire the most?" At this time of year, this question is often reduced to material items in the question "What do you want for Christmas?" But as the "Chosen One," I'm asking you dig a little deeper--what is the emotion behind the object--what feeling does it bring you? Maybe its not the thing at all you want, but the feeling, or relationship, or a way of being in your life, etc...

I would love to hear what you come up with as complete this process. You might be surprised! I know I was when I did it.

Please add your comments here on the post if you dare!

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