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"The Chosen One" Part III

“The Chosen One” Part III: Stepping into a grand story: In Part I, I asked you to imagine how you could more fully step into the role of the “Chosen One”—or hero, in your own life to serve and protect the values you hold most dear. As I know for myself, this is often a matter of taking some time out to honestly contemplate my heart’s true desire—like no one is watching—like I can have whatever I’ve dreamed up. And this is not to be reduced to material goods, but the universal human needs behind the good. For example, I enjoy travel, because I value beauty, culture, learning, play and freedom!

In Part II, I asked you to carefully examine the ways you may hide or resist receiving your good. For example, some ways I hide from receiving the fullness of life are: I sometimes undermine myself by the way I talk to myself, think and approach myself. I find ways to hide in the past, conflicts, or problems. I hide by not fully recognizing or acknowledging the difference I make in people’s lives. I hide by allowing others to overstep their boundaries, or I bow down to other’s knowledge, beliefs, or world perception. I hide by trying to take care of others when they need to take care of themselves. I hide through procrastination….and I could go on, but you get the idea.

This week in Part III, I’m inviting you to explore with me how you can go about creating what you say you want in your life, and be your own hero—the “Chosen One” that saves the day! This requires acknowledging your own shadow—the ways you sabotage yourself in thought, word, and deed. How you, at times, can be your own worst enemy.

In order to begin to close the gap between what you say you want, and your current experience, I invite you to view the act of creation as stepping into a grand, new story of your own fulfillment, which is a matter of perspective. For example, many take actions in order to remedy what they perceive as lack or limitation. But how can we act from lack or limitation, and hope to obtain freedom, completion, or fullness?

In order to create our desired result, we must act out of satisfaction, not in order to get satisfied. This is really a matter of reconsidering the way we are taught to perceive our relationship to reality. The materialists would have us believe that consciousness stems from the body, when in fact when you really began to examine things, you may see proof of the opposite—that is, the only reason we know we have a body is because we are conscious. Therefore, it is actually the body that exists inside of our consciousness. When you really begin to observe our condition, we don’t actually create much. We don’t create our bodies, our own mind, our environment, our planet or even most of our thoughts. All of this was done for us by the principle of Creation itself. This is the nature of our whole existence. Although, we are asked to be good custodians of the body and environment as long as we are here, most of our thoughts about life and ourselves are a product of social conditioning, and not absolute TRUTH at all!

In this way, we are freed up from working so hard—realizing that creation is not so much in acting, but in Being. By understanding the right relationship to our being—understanding our own true nature that has often been covered up and reduced to the “self” struggling against a hard, cruel world. In reality, there is no separation between the quality of Being required to receive our good and the object of our desire. In other words, our being will determine our action. If we know our true connection to life, our Being will be one of satisfaction—and all of our action will pour from this abundant state.

“The Chosen One”—Part III

People may point us in the right direction, but we must travel the path alone, no matter how scary the monsters appear…they aren’t real… and that is the cosmic joke. We’ve always had the love—it’s everywhere---we’ve just become blinded and hardened to it. When we try to hold on to it, it’s gone. Loving just because we can, and then the riches of the kingdom are made ours.

That’s the secret…once we accept that life is only good…like our life depended on it…because it does, and we quit struggling, grasping, and controlling, life opens up because we do. We open up to life each moment, without judgment, loss, resentment, fear, blame, or resistance and then the whole universe lines up…and the path in the woods emerges and suddenly our faith is mirrored around us. We walk in love for others and ourselves. The belief has been unified—unshakable in the face of naysayers, demons, or other monsters, that aren’t real. They are only our personified fears. We’ve been generating them with our own energy, or negative thought patterns. We’ve been giving our worst fears life with our constant love and attention to them. They have us---we no longer have them. Then we feel helpless because we forgot we are the power in our own Kingdom. We must learn to starve our fears and false beliefs of attention.

We all father and mother our life with our beliefs by where we focus our attention. How are you parenting yourself? Don't worry--we are all figuring this out together! We are all mad scientists doing crazy experiments, discovering the right recipe for who we are. Sometimes there are consequences to we discover we aren't actually who we thought we were for many, many years. Oddly enough, we still keep trying to function from that place even if it isn't working. It takes a while for us to catch on...that is why we must be patient with ourselves and with others.

You’re the one who made a connection. You make connections every day—or you decide to disconnect to the things that don’t support your good--the diet, the relationships, the work, the thinking. You are the connection. You created this, so you could re-member who you are and help others do the same. Whatever you focus on gets bigger, my friend--spirit always delivers the goods—yes, Beloved you may have exactly what you think you can have…no less and no more. You have created so much good...just think of what you will create next. Life is waiting...and unfolding for the best and highest good of all. What grand, new story will you step into this year? Will you become the hero or heroine of your own life? Will you take the actions to protect and serve what you say you value most?

May you all keep the faith this New Year!

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