The Biggest Break Through

Updated: May 27, 2020

Hello There--I want to welcome you to the very, first episode of my new, Mindheart-Space Podcast, where I chronicle my personal experiences of healing, sharing the methods and practices I have used, and share with clients, to achieve new levels of growth and well-being.

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Have a great day--I can't wait to hear about your own, biggest breakthroughs!

I had the biggest breakthrough this week and I wanted to share it with you ALL!

I was given the opportunity to process an old, outworn wound--one that always had me second guessing myself, and had me feeling guilty and ashamed.

Most of my life, I was able to skim right over these uncomfortable emotions, unable or unwilling to distinguish them from the background of my being. These feelings had become so familiar, they had become an unquestionable part of my inner landscape, I had never thought to stop and really inspect their appearance in my life and the havoc they wreaked. But this week, I was able to push the pause button, and then rewind to take a more detailed look. "No so fast," I said myself.

This all emerged as I was working on developing "The Abundance Game" which I shared earlier in the week on my Facebook page and my Mindheart-Space website. These emotions are like gossamer threads, just under the surface of my awareness, as I go throughout my day as I go through different daily activities, but nonetheless a pattern that keeps me constantly disconnected from myself and always pushing my power away. They were like guards that always stopped me from fully embracing my creativity, my self-expression, and many things that bring me joy, because of my fear of being judged. And as I rolled out my "Abundance Game," they reared their head.

You see, I'm what they call an highly sensitive, intuitive person, an empath if you will, or any other of the terms used to categorize people who see and hear things that many "other' people just don't pick up or don't seem notice. In short, I'm really good at understanding other people's emotions, sometimes at the exclusion of my own.

But today, something was different, so I decided to hold a meeting with all the parts of myself--which could sound quite strange in itself to many people. But, as I continue to do the work of self-healing and self-realization, I have found it a necessary part of my process. Because you see, I already "know" all of this!

This is the type of work I've done with many of my hypnotherapy clients. But, its not enough to "know" it, it must be actively applied. Hypnosis, as well as, self-hypnosis, is a great tool to bypass the conscious mind, or Ego consciousness, so that we can access the wisdom of our subconscious mind, where all are memories, beliefs, and stories about ourselves are stored.

It this way, hypnotherapy is a form of alchemy, because it allows us to transform the lead of unprocessed emotion or material (life energy), that has been locked in the the basement of our subconscious, and brings it up to the ground floor, into the light of our conscious mind, where it can be transformed into the gold of Self-Realization. I know amazing, right? Many people unknowingly suffer from repetitive patterns, illogical fears, and creative blocks, which stop them from living their best life. It's simply a matter of doing the work. It helps to have a guide until you build a strong connection to your inner world. Heck! Even after the work I've done, I am sometimes forget.

In the world of hypnotherapy, this kind of therapy is called Sub-Personality work based on the idea that although each person is a whole self, we all have various aspects that can produce a sense of inner conflict or disharmony. This approach can help people integrate any conflicting parts of themselves into a harmonious, cooperative while, so that they can move forward in alignment with their our goals and objectives in life. Often, there are parts of our personality that have not fully developed due to dissociation, a symptom caused by unprocessed emotional pain or trauma. And the more people, I work with, the more that I believe we all have it! It's part of being a human.

Back to the meeting: I let them all know things were about to get REAL! I spoke directly to my Higher Self stating:

"I am ready to fully embody my POWER!"

No reply.

So, I said it again, just in case she didn't hear me.

"I am ready to fully embody my POWER!"

I'd finally gotten her attention and she looked at me, kinda cock-eyed, and asked" "Really, are you sure? Cuz you're looking kinda scared."

I said, "Yeah, I get it, and I kinda am, but I'm still ready!"

She nodded to the rest of me around the table asking, "did you ask any of them? Are they all on board?