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Build It, and He will Come

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Greetings My Friends,

I hope you are all well--keeping yourself safe and healthy! In honor of Father's Day, this week's podcast, focuses on the figure of the father. The links to Episode 6, "Build It, and He will Come" as well as the written version are below:

Episode 6: “Build it, and They Will Come”

Some of you may remember the 1980’s movie “Field of Dreams” in which Kevin Costner starred as a farmer who decides to build a baseball field on his farm. One of the familiar lines in the movie is “If you build it, he will come.” After listening to his inner promptings, he listens, and follows through, and even though all his neighbors think he has gone insane, he creates this “playing” field anyway. And this is the way, when you really look at the metaphor of what he is doing, he creates a space for all this deceased, legendary players return, and baseball was his connection to his father—so what he is really does, is create a space for his father to return to. His father returns to his consciousness, and the space he created there for him.

And then he becomes self-fathering, self-authorized, or housing your own father. And as we find ourselves approaching Father’s Day, this theme become even more timely. And when you really, look at this metaphor, you begin to see that it is deeply universal. And when you look at the archetype of the father, are current relationship to fathering energy and how sorely, it is missing from people’s life. How many children grow up with absent fathers, either physically or emotionally, and how this shapes our role to our own authority. And how that is reflected onto our leaders, for example, that we’ve looked for guidance, such as politicians or church leaders—and how many people have been hurt by these institutions and then, and this way, there has been such an aversion or rejection of this relationship altogether because we’ve lost trust. So, this week’s podcast is really about how we rebuild the trust with the figure of the father, our own internal fathering archetype, our own authority to lead and be knowers.

We can see the theme around the father, like in the one emerging in the Field of Dreams, in many sacred texts and stories. Well, the idea of the farmer cultivating his land is not new--it is many sacred texts. For example, in the Bhagavad Gita-, we are presented with the "field of dharma," where there is a "Field" and a "Knower" of field. Our consciousness is the space or field and our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are the seeds. But most of us don't know our true relationship to life, and feel disconnected from our own reality and the results we produce.

Through reconnecting to your own Essence, the Truth of who you are, you can begin to ask yourself what dreams and visions did you come into this life with? What is it that stirs your heart, faith, your passions? What do you want plant in your life, what is lying dormant or being extinguished by disappointment, hurt or pessimism?

These can seem like dangerous questions during a time when many are distracted by the outward distractions of injustice. Not to minimize any of it--but let's start in our own home, our own temple by asking where does the injustice reside in us, with your relationship to yourself?

My FREE, 11 Week Meditation Serious "Creating your Inner Temple, gives you a space to “remember to remember” who you really ARE! The seed, that dream, that vision you thought had died is what is in need of resurrecting, your new life-, your new way of being with yourself is what will be the beacon of light that will bring real change to this world! Build it (the temple), and they (you) will come!

But today, I really want to dive into the mental models that are at the core of who we are—the beliefs that shape our emotions, thoughts, and ideas and then, how these create our reality. Its not so much the beliefs, emotions, or thoughts but their vibration or energy. As Dr. Stephen Hawkins, which I mentioned before, in his book entitled “Power vs. Force” describes the different vibration or frequencies of emotions in our body. He created an emotion map, which ranges from “high vibe” emotions such as joy, love, and gratitude, all the way down to lower vibratory emotions like fear, grief, and sadness.

This becomes representative of how our reality, for many, is shaped. But the emotions that we are feeling, are the result of the thoughts in which we focus. For most, these thoughts become the foundation of identity, and thus their reality. But this isn’t really the truth of who you are. This is not your identity. In fact, this old way of determining who we are is quite restrictive, and has come to be detrimental for our survival on the planet. Where people will commit violence, wage war, and even die for their mental structures that they have become so identified. Most likely, because of “a case of mistaken identity.”

Let me explain, in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, he explains that ignorance is the cause of suffering—in this case, it is the ignorance of our true nature and our relationship to it. The Sanskrit word vidya means true knowledge, a deep inner knowing or higher wisdom. The prefix ‘a’ essentially means ‘not’, so in this sense we can understand that the word ‘avidya’ is literally translated as “not knowledge” or misunderstanding. Within the Yoga Sutras, avidya is often translated as ‘misconception, lack of spiritual knowledge, or spiritual ignorance’, and it is this first klesha, or veil and sometimes translated as “affliction” that is the root cause of the others. Avidya is described as the trunk of the tree of suffering, with all other kleshas or veils branch off of it.

Avidya is characterized as the root of obstacles and the most difficult to overcome, because this veil creates a very narrow and false lens in which we view the world. With the veil of avidya covering our metaphorical eyes, we don’t see reality, rather we see what we think is reality.

Each of us has a perception of what the world is like, made up of our past experiences, expectations, and what—and here we go, what “we believe,” to be real, meaning that each of us has virtually created our own reality, which could be entirely different from the person next to us. We believe that our thoughts are true, that our perceptions are reality, and that what we individually believe is ‘right’ and it’s the truth. This lack of knowledge and wisdom is the most difficult to overcome not because there’s so much to learn, but because there is so much to un-learn and let go of all the conditioning, how we’ve been taught to see, and what we believe is real. This is really related to how we’ve taught to see ourselves. Avidya gives birth to all the other kleshas or veils, which cause fear, pain. and suffering, because we tend to believe our own perceptions and thought patterns, rather than remove the veil and see life for what it really is. And this is where it becomes a lot clearer—so, hang in there and please follow me a bit more here.

It is the thought pattern, that becomes seeded in the field, which is consciousness itself, and then, the “Knower: experiences the outcome or product, and thus, identifies it as “reality.” All the while, the "Knower," fails to see his or her role in the creation process of their own reality. We become identified with the experience, instead of the one who is experiencing.

Of course, this is also experiencing on a level of shared consciousness—where we have shared cultural beliefs or paradigms about the world. This often becomes more visible when a person travels, because they are stepping outside of their acculturated mindsets, and we step into a “foreign” realm that does not play by all the same rules or norms that we are accustomed. This is why I personally enjoying traveling so much; it frees me from the weight of the albeit, invisible, but non—the less, prescribed cultural expectations that are assumed and agreed upon in a society or culture unconsciously.

But now, we’ve come to the place in our evolution, where this system of creating reality unconsciously is matter of failing to take responsibility for what I am calling our “energetic inheritance.” We need to become energetically responsible—and I am not referring to climate change, although that will be most likely be affected by it as a byproduct. If all the people on the planet begin to truly understand their own power, their own energy, the outside manifestation of power will ultimately change as a result. We are entering a new age, where the mental thought forms of religion and societal norms have become a form of restriction and slavery, because they don’t allow for the fullness of our human expression as autonomous beings that we are. In order to be self-governed, self-fathered, self-authorized leaders that is being called for at this time. And now, more than ever, we are seeing that outside authority is a reflection from ourselves

Humanity, is the largest source of power on this planet—this is where the idea of “Human Resource” or “Human Potential” comes from. The root of word potential, is simply potent or power. Once we realize the source that we are, because we are part of nature, a force of nature, we can consciously use our power create our planet, instead of constantly externalizing this father energy outside sources, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. But we can’t do that, if we fail to understand our true design as “Knowers” in the “Field of Consciousness” or “Dharma,” who’s thought forms, powered by the fuel of emotion, create the conditions in which we live.

The time has come to realign with our true essence, our true design, and reclaim the planet. And this starts with connecting the false image, the false construct of authority outside of ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by. And please remember what a valuable treasure you are!

I wish you all a wonderful Father’s Day!

Hi, my name is Adrienne Lopez, and I am the Integrative Awareness Coach (MA, CHT, and RYT) -- combining ancient, eastern systems of knowledge-meditation and yoga, with modern day approaches to understanding self-development, human consciousness, and Self-realization. Traveling around the world on my own self-healing journey, I pull from a diverse repertoire of tools including the traditional practices Advaita Vedanta, Vipassana, and yoga—considered as the original sciences of consciousness—as well as the modern-day sciences of neurobiology, quantum physics, and energy medicine. In this way, I developed a specific approach to Quantum Life Coaching (IAC) that is informed by my own personal healing process, and is shaped by both an esoteric and scientific lens. I currently reside here on planet Earth!

If you are interested in working with me or would like more information about my rates and services, please reach out through through my website, or the Mindheart-Space Facebook page. In the meantime, take care out there! Also Checkout my brand new Youtube Channel:

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