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In the Void

This week I dive into frames of reference for identifying and overcoming self-sabotage, which I call acting from "the void." When the ego-mind is the main level of consciousness in charge, we focus on survivial through avoidance which is, most often, the root cause of procrastination and distraction.

This is in contrast to, identifying the underlying beliefs and uncomfortable emotions lurking below a behavior, so you can move beyond it to behaviors more in alignment with your desired results. Ironically, it is the emotion that the ego is trying to protect itself from feeling, consequently causing more pain then orignally avoided. With some self-observation, you will discover the ego's avoidance story becomes a type of restriction, that is a closed loop that doesn't allow for true choice or freedom. The work I share here is inspired by what is known as sub-personality, parts work, or inner family systems in hypnotherapy and the work I do as a quantum life coach.

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