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Mars and the Wounded Ego

Hey Beacons of Light, we have a monumental period unfolding, where we are being given the opportunity to heal many aspects of the self in community, how we relate to the world through the structures we inherited. A time, when we can re-write our relationship to the world as a self; how we see ourselves, and what that means on so many levels!

The planet Mars (masculinity) entered Aries (god of war), its "home" sign, in June and will stay there thru the end of the year, thanks to the month long Mars retrograde starting tomorrow and lasting until mid-November. We are being asked to purify (Virgo season) the field of all things Mars--the self, at its root: how we individualize, create boundaries, and what we've been taught about "protecting" ourselves from "other," often through blame, anger or aggression.

We are also being asked to mature and transform our conception of self in the spirit of the Knight or Warrior--the higher octave of Aries--just like Arjuna on the battlefield of consciousness in the Bhagavad Gita. We are being given an opportunity to create new ways of defining ourselves, so we no longer have to project our frustration out onto the world and/or others, but take re-spons-ibility for our own emotions by feeling them and releasing them. This transformation happens through conscious alchemy, by bringing the light of awareness to clear old structures or ideas that have shaped the Ego and self/other relationship for countless generations, to create space for a sense of Self more directly connected to the flow of life.

Take care out there and please reach out with any questions, comments or requests for support!

Other good news, my Quantum Abundance Course is coming soon! So, keep your eyes peeled for details I will be sharing later this month.

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