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Poised on the Precipice

Hey all you Beacons of Light! I see and feel you shining your light--do not doubt for a second that who you are and what you're doing makes a huge difference. YOU are doing a great job!

A week or two ago now, I got a clear vision, that we are literally "power" plants here on Earth, finally "inner" standing and becoming conscious of the power we are holding, moving and orchestrating out in the world. It is our life stream that is holding the energy needed for what I am calling the "Great Re-Membering."

As above, so below; as it is in heaven, so on earth; the macro and the micro; the whole cosmology of consciousness is contained and expressed in many different ways throughout the world's systems of knowledge. In this episode I discuss how the new moon in Virgo serves as a metaphor for cleaning our house of consciousness, balancing our emotions and bodies, preparing us to step into a different kind of relationship to life.

If you stop by, say hi--leave a comment and let know you were here! I am also taking suggestions for future podcasts. So please let me know if you have any particular topics you'd like to hear more about.

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