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Silent Night

In this year’s last episode of the Mindheart Space Podcast, entitled “Silent Night,” I discuss the process of going into the silence and stillness of this season to connect with your own presence—the true gift of this holiday—the light of the world. This "inner" space can serve as a sanctury for dissembling old, outworn programing. However, this requires your presence, stillness and awareness. This is done by noticing the ego narrative in your head, as one of separation that serves a particular purpose of survival in the material world, but limites your free expression and freedom to be.

This is an opportunity to discover and explore the more expansive aspects of your awareness, where you can retrain yourself to place attention on the feeling aspects of your experience, also known as intuition. When you do this, you begin to invest in the real experience of what is unfolding without the filter of constant thought, analysis, judgment or categorizing. It's not a logcial process people, but a REAL one nonetheless!

The mental programing then becomes secondary, as you inquire into the nature of your own existence and then listen, not through the mind but the heart. This is the process of en-“lighten” ment that is available for those open to it—open to your natural innocence, the inner child, the Divine child, the Christ child within us all. Let the star of light, symbolized by the upcoming conjunction of Saturn (the material) and Jupiter (the Divine)— guide you. Trust in your own magic and maginificence.

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