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The Ground of Being

This week's episode is my "official" debriefing, so to speak, of the "Quantum Integration Summit." It includes my big "take-aways" and "Awe Haaa" moments from my conversations that unfolded through my amazing conversations with 8 different, global experts on our current ideas about the "Self"—as an inquiry into what I am now calling “the ground of being.” which I was inspired to as I wrapped up my final interview, coming full-circle, into a beautiful order that emerged by the end of this series conversations about this form we have called the "Self."

I also include some key questions you can use as guideposts to support your navigation from your "old" relationship to "form" of the self—from a deterministic given one, to the "birth of the new soul of the new Self" calling to be revealed and discovered through you!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMNT: If you weren’t able to attend the Quantum Integration Summit on Sept 7th, 2022, you can still listen to all 8 amazing speaker interviews that I've made availble in the VIP Summit Package, also including a 1-hour healing/coaching session with myself, and “The Re-Membering the Self” Meditation which I recorded especially for the summit. Follow this link to find out more:

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