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The Initiation

This episode takes a powerful look into the current initiation unfolding, available to all of us, interested in a more expansive experience of consciousness--where we can be seen, heard and understood more fully. More specifically, it is an invitation to welcome the feminine face into Being. How can we truly evolve, know, and understand our experience without self-observation and the role the we play in our own experience? Traditionally, the Priestess in the temples of Greece were the ones who could see if you were ready for initiation, to help you in self-observation, which is self-re-spons-ability--or the ability to respond to life in right measure. I also share my poem, "The Ground Shook" on the topic of initiation. From this perspective, we are learning how to see ourselves through the eyes of Her, the Earth, as part of her, not separate.

The book I mentioned "The Universe is a Green Dragon" is by Brian Swimme

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