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The "Self-Re-parenting Project"

This week's MindHeart-Space Podcast is on the topic of "The Self Re-Parenting Project” –what it is and why did I create it?

As adults, we don’t often think of ourselves as children, and most likely haven’t for many years. But the "Re-parenting Project" advances quintessential aspects of our own, human developmental processes that lead us to reflect on the “lessons” or beliefs we received as children, that now serve as the foundation of the life we are currently living.

For example, what were you taught about your relationship to power, abundance, freedom, play, and love? Most of these lessons were transmitted implicitly—taught through modeling of the adults around us—not their words, but their actions and the energy they held around these life expressions. But were they accurate, or based in reality, and how do you know? Tune in to hear more!

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