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Join me for this opportunity to take a deep dive into discovering the practices and approaches that can reveal the truth of who you really are. It's one thing to take my "Power of Self-Awareness" 3-part workshops, but it is a whole new level to actually be mentored and supported

in the process of clearing personality structures, to understand how each of the strands of conditioning has kept you separate from the expansive truth of who you are!

In this 12 month mentorship, you will learn about how to create on purpose using the chakra system, as the gateways to experience and knowing your True self, including:

  • Learn practices for idenitfying and clearing old information and images that have held you back

  • Identify the architecture of consciousness stored in your energy body

  • Actively access inner knowing, information, to co-create with source

  • Call in your work, legacy and contribution to the world

  • Remember how to find your freedom!


Registration details coming soon! Beginning January 2022.

You do not want to miss this; This is going to epic!


Find out more HERE

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality...
Your Potential into power?

Integrating ALL aspects of your being galvanizes your authentic SELF and leads you back HOME to inner balance--the middle line between your mind and heart, where you have access  to the resources and tools that naturally align you with WELL-BEING--your true essence and your birthright!

Attuning to , aligning with, and ascending to your highest potential!

This is Sacred Alchemy!


Contact me NOW if you are ready to access, your

highest joy and wisdom! 

I want to feel good today. I don’t want to keep living for some far-off day that might never com.”

—Tom Bilyeu

As we look around out in the world today, we see old structures and belief systems falling away. It’s messy; it’s chaotic, and for many, very scary and uncertain. But every crisis has an opportunity planted inside—with every ending, a beginning.

The truth is we ALL have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY right now! 

It’s NOT the time to try to put the world back together again; it’s time to build a new one!

Attune to your Highest Self!

Attune to your Highest Self!

Looking for something that can allow you to return to your true nature and access the wisdom you possess inside?

Align to your Highest Truth!

Align to your Highest Truth!

We all possess the innate wisdom needed to solve problems, examine unproductive thinking patterns, and heal ourselves. A coach simply serves as a guide for the journey within.

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

All humans have shared universal needs and inner conflict only arises when there is unhealed or unintegrated parts of ourselves.

Find Balance

Find Balance

When the mind and heart are integrated, your wisdom qualities arise from the depth of your Being.

welcome to the great re-Membering!

The time has come  for you to remember the TRUTH of who you are,  so you can fully  embody your power, purpose, and vision!

You are NOT your experience,  BUT the  "experiencer" and "creator."  So , instead of unconsciously reacting, you can choose to consciously create  your life and world.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Gandhi

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Your Mind and Heart...


Harnessing the Power of Mind and Heart

Humans are more than just conscious—we are also self-aware of our own consciousness. To be conscious is to think; and to be self-aware is to realize that you are a thinking being and to think about your thoughts. This happens to be the space where we can face our greatest burden or greatest freedom.


This is the axis of my work as an Integrative Awareness Coach.

This is where we, humans, can get into the most problems because many of us were NOT taught about these two aspects of ourselves—consciousness and self-awareness—and how they interact with one another--to fully understand how our self-awareness can affect our state of being, our emotional and physical health, both positively and negatively. And these aspects of our humanity, seem so simple, so fundamental to our existence, to not have a firm grasp of and mastery over. This is how my specific approach to coaching emerged.

To be transparent, it was a mix of my own trauma, pain, frustration, and limitation and my desire to find an easier way. You see, I grew up in, what felt like, a constantly sinking ship, with no captain, constantly caught up in the distraction of trying to bail the water out from the vessel, but never being able to harness my power enough to actually fix the leak.

But no worries—this is what caused me to began my own self-healing journey, I soon realized the vessel I inherited was designed unconsciously, on the principles of survival, unquestioned and passed on from one generation to the next. The consequences: I was surrounded by sexual abuse, addiction, the mental illness of my sister and my brother, and the helplessness of my parents. My parents were blinded by their own grief and guilt, unable to take sufficient steps to right our familial ship. Not because they were bad people, but because that's all they knew.

Stuck in their pain, no one in my family imagined (had the self-awareness) or fathomed that there were tools available to experience life any differently.  But you know what? This is exactly what led me on my own path of awakening. It led me to having the wherewithal to listen to my heart, create access to the materials, teachers, and practices I needed to do the work of pulling myself out of the unconscious trance I inherited. Needless to say, we are all a work in progress.

To do this, I had to learn to make friends with all the parts of myself—studying how the nervous system works, how it responds to personal and generational trauma, how it creates habitual reactions, blocks, and fears that stop us from truly knowing ourselves and so, our ability to live fully. I have spent 30 years educating myself about consciousness and self-awareness, understanding how these aspects, are often at odds with one another. This journey has allowed me to develop and share effective strategies, methods, and practices that act to re-integrate the fragmented parts of the Self, bringing us back home. ​


A different type of journey awaits you--a new type of adventure is possible! In my coaching practice, I merge the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology with my 20 years of contemplative practice and yoga, for transformative self-healing at the most fundamental level of "Being." I offer effective, practical, lasting solutions that are uniquely tailored to each of my clients and the specific challenges they are facing in their evolution, and road to freedom. The good news is that, the time has come, to let this all go!

Developing a greater sense of self-awareness can help you if you ever asked yourself questions like:

  • Am I living in alignment with my values ?

  • How can I improve my relationships?

  • Am I having the type of results and experiences I want in life?

  • Do I wish my life was different?

  • Am I fulfilling my true potential and purpose?

The time has come for the inner voyagers, inner travelers to embark on their journey!

The time has come to explore the oldest, and newest frontier around and to claim your birthright!


It is time for the GREAT RE—membering—a putting ourselves back together again -- and bringing the human frame back into balance!  

Something magical happens when the connection between the mind and heart is re-established. All of sudden, you are back on-line" and able to access the fullness of your life energy!

And it starts with a little bit at first, until you begin to trust your own experience from within. You become your own authority, instead of waiting for others to validate or recognize your experience. You are the scientist, and your mind and your heart are your lab. And the only thing holding you back, is your belief system.

So, I invite you to join me on this adventure, where I will exploring the foundations of what it means to be human, the different vehicles we’ve been given, and how we can develop them more fully so that they can support and create the kind of world that we dream of having.

Check here soon for my upcoming podcasts and Youtube videos on this subject and similar topics!


All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

—Blaise Pascal

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My Path to Coaching

“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”


~ Carl Townsend


My life purpose is supporting individuals in manifesting their individual potential. But I didn’t always understand how my path would develop or materialize!


Starting out my career in the beauty industry during the 90’s, l worked to help others to outwardly express what they felt on the inside. This work allowed me to interact with people in a very personal way and gain a deeper awareness about how people think. I realized many people, mainly women, were dissatisfied with their physical appearance. And this is what first brought me to what would begin my life-long exploration into the imatter of appearances.


Through observation, I begin to witness that a person's level of well-being and satisfaction in life had little do with their hair color (of course!), and everything to do with their beliefs about themselves and the life they led.

While I had a natural affinity for this type of work, I found my interest in these questions drew me to studying philosophy, metaphysics, wisdom schools and alternative systems of knowledge at a young age. I found that cosmetology and cosmology shared similar underling premises.


Beneath the surface or appearance of things, there is a beauty in the divine order, or patterns, behind all of creation, which is the Truth. As I continued my search for "Truth," I begin to examine my own inherited patterns of belief--habits of mind--that shaped my perceptions, and to question who I really was in the world. My journey led me many places...READ MORE

Upcoming Events for 2021


This year, I've created an offering around the importance of increasing self-awareness in every aspect of our lives.

I am excited to announce my new Signature Mastermind group, entitled "INVOKE." where members will take a deep dive into increasing Self-Awarness, kicking it off with a 12 Week Course, where you will call forth your truest SELF from the quantum realm of potentiality.   You will study what exactly self-awareness is, and why is it central to your sense of well-being in a like-minded community of seekers and sages.


We will unpack the fundamentals of self-awareness—to examine how self-awareness affects every level of our lives, including the level of ease and freedom we experience in life.  We will also be looking at some of the biggest questions people have about their purpose and activating their potential. For example, some of the topics we've already explored are:

  • The difference between self-awarness and consciousness from quantum perspective.

  • The architecture of consciousness and how it shapes our everyday awareness and actions.

  • Practices and strategies to navigate repetitive or unproductive, painful patterns of thinking and behaving.

  • Align your life with your values.

  • Create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with Self and then others.

  • Gain clarity about life purpose.

  • Locate healthy, balanced approaches to money, abundance, health, and time.

  • Balance shadow aspects, self-sabotage, integrating its potential and gifts.

  • Utilize the power of focused attention.

  • The integration of consciousness, ending the continual need to project out in the world.

You can join at anytime--with tons of content already available in the group.

Click on this link to find out more or to join

the INvoke Signature Mastermind:




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“I am everything, coming in, going out. How can I speak of another? Like a wave my body is here and gone. Look closely – a million waves, one sea.”


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