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Unify the Mind, Heart, and body!

 Access your purpose, power, and potential!

Are you ready to discover and operate from your optimal potential?
If so, it takes trust to step into what I call the re-integration process, which occurs all the way down to the cellular level, involving the healing and reconnection of all the layers of your being, which includes the physical, emotional, mental , and spiritual self. This gives you access to your fullest, expanded version of you, to access all your
purpose, power, and potential.

By default, many operate in a limited model of our human biological and psychological system, not realizing that each of us is actually host to a collections of bodies, not all physical, but affecting the very quality and potential of our lived experience. If we are stuck in limitations of the past, it's difficult to step into a different future!

If you are ready to bring all of yourself back online,
join me for a transformational year-long mentorship

"The Path to Energetic Self-Mastery"
to receive the tools, insight, and practices required
to access your optimal potential.

Welcome, I'm Adrienne, an intuitive energy healer, coach, intuitive, and creator of the life changing Path to Energetic Self-Mastery.

Over the past 6 years+, I've helped people create soul-driven lives--aligned with their purpose, passion, and potential, that energizes and inspires them to live a life they look forward to each day!
Warm Up on the Beach

Because living a soul-driven life looks different for everyone... finding yours is rarely a straighforward or linear process.

This is where having an experienced guide and mentor can be very get further faster, to not waste one moment more of your precious life! Because the truth is, many people get stuck in their self-limitations, inherited mindsets, and emotional fears and blocks for years, circling around without much progress in their desire directions.

Through the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery, you can enter a guided process of transformation, self-discovery, and creative inspiration. Through energy healing and the integration of your consciousness, you can accelerate your process of growth, empowerment, and creating a life aligned with your soul purpose. 

I created the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery to support those that are courageous enough to answer the call of their soul, their purpose, and passion!

Which of the following sounds most like you?

A Creative

You are an extremely creative person who has a talent, skill, or service to offer, but stinks at self promotion, organization, or packaging your services.

Highly empathetic

You are a highly sensitive person and want to discover how to best use your energy as you protect yourself from taking on other people's energy, or to stop the "out of control" healing of others.

Facing a life transition

You are in transition, learning to navigate something new. Maybe your walking through a health crisis,  leaving a job,  but not quite sure how to make the leap.

A Spiritual emergence

Youre going through a spitiual awakening, a sudden expansion of consciousness and want to discover ancient wisdom and tools to make sense of your experience and get on your aligned path.

Coach, healer, lightworker

You are a coach, healer, light worker that is searching for a system to accelerate your how spiritual growth and that of those you support.

A professional

A professional that wants to increase their impact, leadership, and success with less "efforting" and stress to create better life/work balance and greater sense of overall fufillment.

No matter your soul's journey, the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery is an invitation to living a life that is alignment with your deepest values that leads to greater sense of wholeness, health, empowerment, clarity of vision and to stepping into your purpose,
power, and potential with confidence.
What clients are saying...


I I received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training!

Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment! Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!



"I loved working with Adrienne. The course, The Power of Self Awareness was spectacular.

It was just what I needed to connect back with my true self. She was informative, present, and passionate. I highly recommend her as a coach."



For me, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. Ever since that call I am able to catch my Ego faster and I am understanding the relationship with it better, which is essential to living life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self.

Thanks Adrienne!"

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Hear from global experts to discover how to create a more expansive sense of Self, to heal from within and move beyond limitations that keep you stuck!

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How Does the Path to Energetic Self-Mastery Work?

Consciousness is energetic, so it is not restricted to physical laws. By nature, awareness brings life to where ever it shines. When you learn to harness and direct your mental and emotional energies, you can more intentionally create your experience, world, and dreams. Unfortunately, very few received any training or a handbook on how to develop, grow, and utilize the layers of your own consciousness with purpose. And unfortunately, many of us have had less than life affirming patterns installed into our nervous system before we had any say in it, so they are often unconscious. 

This is a year-long immersion into the four main layers of consciousness, ranging in density and frequency,  with each domain (or dimension if you will), operating under distinct, and different laws. These layers include generally speaking: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  In this program you will grow your awarness and mastery over the components of consciousness that comprise our human experience and how they work. If they remain outside the realm of our awareness,  they continue to be inaccessible to us as a valuable resource. 


In order to access our quantum potential (all that is truly available), we must begin the return to the sacred—the whole, healed, unified Self—through the internal integration and re-assimilation of consciousness on all levels.

This program is organized in distinct, but non-linear steps, where you will discover how your bio-computer--brain, mind, and energetic bodies interact and work together, so you are no longer caught up in habitual ways of being and behaviors that are a product of past, unconscious reactive patterns, leaving you with little choice but to feel out of control, disempowered, and cut off from our true, creative potential that is only, ever fully available to us in the present moment.