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Integrating ALL aspects of your being galvanizes your authentic SELF and leads you back HOME to inner balance--the middle line between your mind and heart, where you have access  to the resources and tools that naturally align you with WELL-BEING--your true essence and your birthright!

Attuning to , aligning with, and ascending to your highest potential!

This is Sacred Alchemy!


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I want to feel good today. I don’t want to keep living for some far-off day that might never com.”

—Tom Bilyeu

Neon Painted Face

As we look around out in the world today, we see old structures and belief systems falling away. It’s messy; it’s chaotic, and for many, very scary and uncertain. But every crisis has an opportunity planted inside—with every ending, a beginning.

The truth is we ALL have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY right now! 

It’s NOT the time to try to put the world back together again; it’s time to build a new one!

Attune to your Highest Self!

Attune to your Highest Self!

Looking for something that can allow you to return to your true nature and access the wisdom you possess inside?

Align to your Highest Truth!

Align to your Highest Truth!

We all possess the innate wisdom needed to solve problems, examine unproductive thinking patterns, and heal ourselves. A coach simply serves as a guide for the journey within.

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

All humans have shared universal needs and inner conflict only arises when there is unhealed or unintegrated parts of ourselves.

Find Balance

Find Balance

When the mind and heart are integrated, your wisdom qualities arise from the depth of your Being.

welcome to the great re-Membering!

The time has come  for you to remember the TRUTH of who you are,  so you can fully  embody your power, purpose, and vision!

You are NOT your experience,  BUT the  "experiencer" and "creator."  So , instead of unconsciously reacting, you can choose to consciously create  your life and world.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Gandhi

Your Mind and Heart...

Your life is a work of art! The human body is the most sophisticated instrument on the planet! And the space between your mind and heart is the command center from which your life is experienced. 


Your nervous system is the original GPS on the planet! However, many of us, no fault of our own, have been slowly cut off from accessing our natural vibration as wholly, integrated energetic beings, which is our very Source.


What if I told you, that the technology to transform the entire human system and experience, as most have known it, exists and is available to regular people, like you and me right NOW? If you take a moment to get very still, you can feel it, can't you? In fact, it is our feelings that contain the powerful energy needed to carry us across the bridge of transformation!


I've spent my life studying and doing just this-- learning and practicing the language of Essential Self or Higher Consciousness--and now, I can joyfully offer this Self-Awareness Training to YOU!

Traditionally associated with the feminine aspect of the Self, there has been a great mistrust, devaluing and repression of E-motion and Intuition—our ability to attune and calibrate to the sea of energetic information around us. The results have been grave—leaving us in a, sort of, bankrupt condition, as we have not only been separated from nature, but also separated from the nature of ourselves. Many are left feeling lost and confused, not quite sure what the purpose of life is.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, the disconnect has happened to many, because we are socialized to cut off our minds from our hearts. The mind has been isolated from the organic whole in which it exists and is asked to complete a job it was not designed to do! This causes individuals to constantly search outside themselves—in the realm of a self divided into the subject-object reality — which  is only one PART of reality.  It represents the level of awareness of appearance, but not the energetic level of awareness where EVERYTHING originates.


And so, this is the way our nature has been hidden from us, right out in the open. As the old story goes, our treasure was hidden in a place we would never look— right in our heart and its electric magnetic field! This is where we get into the QUANTUM nature of our REALITY and BEING!


Quantum physics has shown us, our senses can only interpret data through a limited spectrum of light. There is so much more going on under the surface — and it is all ENERGETIC—an arena, our minds can only direct, but not generate or decode. In our current reality, we want to create a beautiful masterpiece (our life), but we only have two colors--black and white!


But now, you are invited to what I call the great RE-membering! It is based on re-tuning to the entirety of who and what you really are! A re-entry to all the spheres of existence available to us. In the past, this has been limited through believing our body and the material world were our only vehicle. Our body travels in this world, but our body can't travel into our mind or spirit, because it wan't designed to travel outside of the physical level of experience. Although, we have a different bodies or vehicles to travel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, they are all united, layered one on the next. In this way we are a coalescence of matter (material) and spirit (energy). 


This knowledge is at once both ANCIENT and TIMELESS. It belongs to EVERYONE and NO ONE. The yogis called these the "Five Koshas." The Upanishads called these the "Gross, Subtle, and Causal" bodies or veils.  Mystery and wisdom schools have referred to these as the "Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual" bodies or some combination of these depending. And when we learn to recognize, and thus integrate the fullness of our TRUE being, we can reach, what many sages have called Enlightenment, Self-Realization, or Heaven on Earth.

Impossible? Some may say! Well, based on the current reductive materialist perspective, it is impossible and that’s why we need a new, updated ontological paradigm, that more accurately reflects the Quantum nature of our existence. This will require an entire mental expansion — a complete cognitive reset, which will allow us to re-situate ourselves in the context of our truly intimate connection with ALL of creation as creators.


​The good news is that, the time has come, to let this all go!

  • The time has come for the inner voyagers, inner travelers to embark on their journey!

  • The time has come to explore the oldest, and newest frontier around and to claim your birthright!


  • It is time for the GREAT RE—membering—a putting ourselves back together again -- and bringing the human frame back into balance!  

Something magical happens when the connection between the mind and heart is re-established. All of sudden, you are back on-line" and able to access the fullness of your life energy!

And it starts with a little bit at first, until you begin to trust your own experience from within. You become your own authority, instead of waiting for others to validate or recognize your experience. You are the scientist, and your mind and your heart are your lab. And the only thing holding you back, is your belief system.

So, I invite you to join me on this adventure, where I will exploring the foundations of what it means to be human, the different vehicles we’ve been given, and how we can develop them more fully so that they can support and create the kind of world that we dream of having.

Check here soon for my upcoming podcasts and Youtube videos on this subject and similar topics!



All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

—Blaise Pascal

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Mentor Session : In this session, I will guide you identifying areas of your life that you would like to experience major a shift.

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In these sessions, you will delve, more deeply into any unproductive belief patterns, blocks, and origin stories--transforming them into creation stories.

Living the Dream (6 Sessions)

In these sessions, you discover how you dream the life you desire and deserve into being--finding sustainable principles, practices, and systems to help you flourish.


Online Courses: Coming Soon! 

In the meantime please check out my FREE online  "Abundance Game"--helping you to attune to your essential self.




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“I am everything, coming in, going out. How can I speak of another? Like a wave my body is here and gone. Look closely – a million waves, one sea.”



"Thank you for sharing your game. I found that it was a fun reminder to stay in an energetic space of love, joy, and happiness, which then attracts more of the same."

Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Healer, Ann M.

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