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Hi, I'm Adrienne

My wish for all:

May you walk in the world with a sense of confidence, esteem, and purpose, working to contribute to your communities, mentoring, teaching, or serving in whatever way possible, dedicating your life to HELP LIGHT UP this world, and help others grow!

May all those you touch, flourish in goodness because of knowing you; because you chose to live a noble life; because you chose to live your destiny, not your fate.

And that my friends is a life well lived!


JOIN me, won't you?

Adrienne Lopez, MA, CHT, RYT
Integrative Awareness Coach


I see each individual as a spiritual being having an unique, embodied experience--the coalescence of matter and spirit. And quite literally, the Mindheart space is the portal through which you can access the highest version of you--to get clear on your heart's vision and what you want to create--as a natural expression of your passion!

Through my own self-healing journey from trauma, I developed an approach to Quantum Life Coaching, 

called Integrative Awareness Coaching, which includes the “Three A’s” of Integration: Attune, Align, and Ascend.


I created this 3-part, easy remember process to serve as an anchor for her clients as they navigate the quantum waters of life. 


This lens, gives you the tools to locate areas of stagnation or restriction in the funnel of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions—which are all forms of bio-energy, so you can begin the clearing process, removing stuck ways of being, creating space for:

  • Attuning with your authentic energy

  • Aligning with your most expansive Self

  • Ascending outworn, limiting beliefs and ideas

In this way, each person can become vibrationally aligned to the life of their dreams!


I am a heart-based healer that knows from experience, that we ALL have the answers we are searching for inside — but sometimes we just need a little help holding the flashlight!


While I have always had a natural affinity for creating a nurturing, safe space for my clients’ self-exploration, discovery, and transformation, I am also equally committed to creating a climate of accountability for those I choose to coach.


Each coaching session is designed to meet each client’s unique needs, allowing a natural plan of action to emerge that best empowers each person in their life. I enjoy working with adults as well as youth. I am professionally trained in the following modalities:

  • Certified Quantum Life Coach

  • Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Yoga (RYT) and Mindfulness Educator

  • Nonviolent Communication Practitioner

  • Reiki Level II Practitioner

  • Energy Healer-- including Re-connective Healing and Energy Active Point.



In my "other life," I earned my MA in Writing and Western Philosophy, and worked as teacher for many years, mentoring and helping students develop their potential.


I am an embodied, spiritual explorer, currently residing on planet Earth. I have traveled widely on my self-healing journey, coming home to myself.  Visiting and seeing different countries feeds my sense of adventure and has been extremely nourishing for my soul!

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Read more about Adrienne below:

Hi, my name is Adrienne Lopez and as an Integrative Awareness Coach (IAC), I guide people through the process of stepping into the Truth of who they are!


Because everything is energy—when you Attune and Align to the vibration of your True Self—you will begin to Ascend above any old, unproductive or restrictive ways of being that have been holding you back. And then, it’s surprising, how everything in your life falls into place! In fact, it can’t be stopped—this is simply a law of physics. You are a magnetic field of attraction and LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! While this process might sound somewhat magical, it is actually grounded in tried and true tools and applied practices that allow you to quickly ELEVATE your life energy!

But, like anything worthwhile, it will take your implementation and discipline. In a nutshell, this involves what I call “The Three A’s of Self-Integration”—bringing all the layers of awareness into a COHESIVE WHOLE. While this process is by no means linear, the layers are numbered below to illustrate the process.

The Three A’s of Awareness Integrative Coaching (IAC):

1. Attune with the inexhaustible field of energy that is the source (Source Field) of ALL being:

Becoming attuned, involves the process of de-conditioning the “I” or ego, which must take place in order for you to embrace your complete magnificence! Whether you want to call this inexhaustible field Infinite Intelligence, the Truth Source, God, the Unified Field of Consciousness, etc.—it doesn’t really matter! It doesn’t matter because this energy field is your living vibration, a frequency, not a concept or idea, and it your very Nature. Unfortunately, many of the social systems we have inherited are based on limited or toxic models of Self, relationships, and connection that have separated us energetically from our True Self.


You are not a problem! Your conditioning is!

2. Align thoughts and words, to take inspired action:

Begin to honestly examine all of your creations that make up this thing called your “life.” A client must possess a willingness to determine which of these structures, relationships, jobs, for example, have been created out fear or love. And this is rarely easy to determine at first glance. Once determined, you must be prepared and have the willingness to remedy the situations that are not aligned with your Truth. The problem is that many of us have stacked up ways of being that have become familiar or habitual, but do allow us the freedom to live the life we desire and deserve. 

3. Ascend above old, worn-out ways of being that place you in a losing battle:

As you attune and align to the Source Field, which is your Essential or Higher Self, you will consciously adapt to a new way of relating to the world --one that reflects the unique Truth of who you really are--one that allows you to create at the level you deserve. While no two ways of Being look the same, because no two people are the same, they share common features. Fundamentally, your way of relating to the world, really refers to your relationship to the present moment and Consciousness itself.

Does this seem like a lot? Well, if you are reading this, then you are ready for it! As I mentioned above, I have spent years refining and developing this work! But you don’t have to spend 20 years meditating like I did! Although meditation is one of the tools I offer all my clients, what I want you to know is that, nobody has the time to spend an entire life trying to uncover the secrets of existence—nor should you! The old ways of knowledge transmission from teacher to disciple, through an arduous, ascetic approach to Enlightenment is not what is required during this age of human evolution. Things are accelerating fast!


The time is NOW!

In fact, interestingly enough, the word disciple, simply means, one who is disciplined. In this case, we need a self-discipline that is now elevated and supported by individuals and groups that are have created access and increased flow to higher frequencies of Love. In fact, this is a time where we can’t afford to compromise, or settle for anything less! Take a look at your surroundings. Are the environments and people around you high vibe?

There is a saying that, “you are the company you keep,” because the people around you affect your unconscious mind, shaping the way you relate to the world and what you see possible for yourself.  Your consciousness is your sanctuary. This is about stepping over the threshold into a new way of being that is unfolding right before our eyes.


Taking responsibility for many of the aspects of our existence, that we were all taught to project outside ourselves—on to authority figures, institutions, systems of knowledge, etc. is what is required now! While we ALL need support and guidance during this re-membering of our power and authority, it is definitely time us to fully wield our own! Investing in yourself and hiring a “high vibe” coach is a effective way to expand your potential at an exponential rate!

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