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If you missed September's course you can now access the online, self-paced version with 
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Mindfulness 101:
How to Make Friends with
your Monkey Mind!

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A 6-Week Mindfulness Journey Within

 Discover tools and practices to tranform your relationship to your mind!

Over 2,500 years ago, the Buddha described the mind as filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, and carrying on endlessly. Having a bunch of "monkeys" chattering in our heads all day is stressful, isn't it? This constant chatter distracts you from your authentic power, purpose and potential, draining your energy and taking your time.

These disjointed flow of thoughts that fly through our minds during a typical day, can be anything from distracting to truly disruptive. It may include a stream of "I'm not good enough because…” statements, even harsh criticism of everything about our lives, body image, finances, relationships, work, you name it.


However, because most of this goes on below the waterline of our conscious awareness and we've been swimming in this inner climate for so long, it seems "normal." While we are seldom given any space to develop the ability to observe this inner chatter objectively, to question it's accuracy, or to meet it with curiousity, and compassion. This can cause internal conflict and strife.  Cultivating a regular Mindfulness practice can support you to create a more peaceful internal environment, so you can move forward in life with more confidence and peace. 

Week One:​ Mindful Breathing and Anchor Words--in this module you'll be given tools to begin your own mindfulness meditation practice. You’ll find out exactly what mindfulness is and what you’re actually doing when you meditate.

Week Two:​ Mindful Bodies--You’ll increase your capacity to identify bodily sensations and discover how they shape and affect your everyday experience of life. 

Week Three:​ Distinguish Thoughts from Emotions-- You'll learn all about your emotions and how to deal with them. You'll discover how thoughts and emotions are related, how to respond instead of react, and how to cultivate positive emotional states.

Week Four:​ Cultivate Gratitude and Kindness--You will learn powerful practices for Heartfulness which allow you develop your capacity for empathy compassion for self and others.

Week Five:​ Mindful Eating-- You’ll learn about increasing your awareness around patterns of eating--both the physical and emotional cues behind hunger. 

Week Six: ​Relating to Others--This week you'll learn how to take your practice off your cushion and into the rest of your life. You’ll discover techniques for connecting to self, with others, and communicating more effectively and compassionately

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The Mindfulness 101 Course meets 6 consecutive Thursdays, where you'll learn about research-based practices that support happiness and well-being. You will explore the internal and external resources you possess to face life’s challenges and tame that monkey mind and more!

This introductory mindfulness series includes skills and practices that will support you as well as, your family, friends, and co-workers in living a balanced lifestyle that integrates self-empathy and stress management skills.

Much of the recent research done on mindfulness practices shows that mindful awareness practices (MAP’s) improve mental and physical health, cultivate compassion, deepen relationships, and reduce negative emotions.

By applying MAPs, you can train the brain into healthy patterns to improve the quality and experience of life. You’ll learn about mindful theory, how to apply mindfulness practices, and transform your relationship with yourself and others. 
All the same, valuable content for half the cost!

Meet Your Mindfulness Guide!

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Adrienne Lopez, MA, CHT, RYT
Integrative Healing Coach


Hi, I am Adrienne!


As a Certified Mindfulness Educator, I have facilitated countless hours of mindfulness instruction in public schools, with students, parents, school staff, and my surrounding community since 2015.


Having benefited so much from my own 23-year meditative and yogic practice, I naturally felt called to share it with others.


Over the last 30 years, I embarked on an internal, self-healing journey, to come home to myself, where meditation, yoga, and non-violet communication principles played a big part.

I am also a Quantum Life Coach, a yoga teacher, energy healer, transpersonal hypnotherapist and clairvoyant intuitive. I now serve as a tour guide of sorts, sharing my knowledge,  wisdom, and experience of the terrain of the soul with other inner voyagers! 

​Directory listing at

I am also certified in the Quantum Coaching Method and a mentor for the Jessica Alstrom's Coaching programs. You can find me here:

Thanks for stopping by!
I can't wait to guide you on your mindfulness journey within!
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