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This is your exclusive invitation to

an intimate, like-minded community of seekers, dreamers, creators, coaches, healers, light workers, and intuitives, 
ready to align and move boldly
into their purpose, 
calling forth the highest version of SELF!

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Welcome to the
Co-Creative Circle 
that will shift your
center of gravity!

Hi there radiant being,

Purple Sparkler

Are you ready to set the world on fire, but not quite sure how to begin?

It’s been difficult to see the road ahead, to face obstacles, challenges, and fears that have stopped you over and over again--unable to free your own mind and heart.  Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed, defeated, hopeless, or all alone.


The truth is, many of us were not given the tools or skills to address the conditions we're currently facing in the world. Mostly, because few know that these tools are actually available!  And, like I just mentioned,  this is no fault of your own. We in the middle of a collective awakening.


It's time to stop living by default and start living by design!

Many try to solve their problems or overcome obstacles in their life with their small self, called the "ego," because they have no idea what their ego is, or if, and when they are functioning in it. As we increase our awareness, we find outselves swimming back to our authentic origins, past the current of cultural conditioning, where we can begin to hear our own song or call--this is where the concept of the INvoke signature club was born!

You may have been going over the same ground again and again…unable to see your "blind" spot. You may have tried everything, but your life just won’t budge. Or, you go two steps forward, and ten steps back. And you’re soooo.....frustrated, because you've tried everything, and you know you are worth it! 


It's not your fault; it's your programing!


It’s REALLY not anyone's fault!

Seriously, this isn’t about blame, or shame, or guilt.  But now that you know what you know, it is your responsbility. This is about saying yes to the possibility of true fulfillment, to your dreams, your heart's desire and deciding nothing less will do! This is about waking up, growing up, and choosing to take responsibility for the quality of your life.


You're worth having a life of your dreams—you have valuable gifts to share and they need to be shared with the world like NOW! 


The time is's time to stop


sitting on your dreams,

waiting for the "right" moment,

or the "right" conditions.

"I'm not the person to guide you on your Hero's Journey, you've already done that, or at least most of it. I'm  your quantum potentiator who will take you up unity mountain, so you can finally claim your prize --
your integrated, blissful self."


Adrienne Lopez

The Quantum Potentiator

You've been on the path

and now...

  • You're committed to your own path of awakening, and doing the inner work required for yourself and others.
  • You're willing to observe, heal, and transcend painful or restrictive patterns.
  • You're ready to access your deep and authentic power, so your choices align with your values.
  • You're longing to live your life confidently, on your own terms.
  • You're eager to uncover your joy, connection, vision and sense of purpose.
  • You recognize the value of being part of a like minded community that can support your vision.
  • You desire to cultivate and share your gifts to support the kind of world you want to live in.
The good news is you're in the right place! 

          is specifically designed as a compassionate container, to gently guide you through the inner-work needed to get you through the current blip in the matrix

that you're stuck in.

 It's a space where you can reconnect with your sovereignty and call in the level of freedom that is your birthright.

I created it for those of you ready to remember that you chose this life, this moment,  to rendezvous with the truest version of Self--your highest potential.


Through the weeks and months to come,

you will transform your life, with tools designed to help you resolve past trauma and foundational wounding,

so you can remember how to:

  • Attune with your emotional, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

  • Align and build your emotional intelligence, so you can create powerfully, take responsibility for your experience and what you create in life.

  • Acsend old, outworn patterns, making space for who you really ARE, your deepest joy, your soul's purpose, and powerfully and confindently move forward in life.

We'll work in "The Four Corners of Life": 

time, health, relationships, and abundance/money.


Some topics included:

  • Access a Quantum Perspective of Consciousness for Personal Empowerment

  • Learn and utilize the 3 A's of Quantum Potentiality: Attune, Align, and Ascend. 

  • Receive the user's manual for the anatomy of consciousness and the human energy field, so you can use it consciously.

  • Understand and utilize the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of manifesting.

  • Clear shadow aspects that block you from creating what you want, creating flow and expression in your life.

  • Create "Quantum Potential“ Templete that is in alignment with true values, needs. and desires.

  • Design  and implement inspired blueprint of action for living your best life.

  • Step into your TRUEST SELF!

What's the focus of INvoke ?

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."


                                                       ~Carl Jung

Yoga at Home

What Makes INvoke Unique ?

  • INvoke is a safe, co-creative, confidential space with an expert guide, inviting the integration of your mind and heart.

  • The INvoke container supports you to remember how to summons, "call forward" your sovereignty, knowing, and courage, to inhabit the level of freedom that is your birthright!

  • INvoke employs a quantum perspective, the most inclusive framework available to complete evolutionary, inner work needed to make that quantum leap.

How is INvoke different form traditional methods of coaching and self-development masterminds?

Many coaching programs approach self-development and growth by attempting to polish up your existing identity, instead of uncovering your True SELF--the "you" that was covered over by the dictates of cultural conditioning. INvoke utlizes quantum technology to facilitate the integration of your consciouseness, supporting you in calling all the parts of yourself back. It is only through integration that you ever get to fully know and experience your TRUE SELF.

  • The level of coaching provided through INvoke, isn’t about more of the same!

  • It isn’t about manipulating the material or 3D world. It’s about getting to the root or the "why" of your problem, your pain.

  • There is a reason why it’s there—and until you really address that core cause, the symptoms or conditions will remain, showing up in others areas of your life.


Who leads INvoke? 
Hi There! My name is
Adrienne Lopez.

I am an Intuituve Life Coach,
the Quantum Potentiator,
and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer
specializing in the integration of consciousness, the fragmentation caused by trauma. 
"The word 'heal' means to make whole. And that's exactly what the act of integrating all the parts of yourself, allows the whole SELF to emerge."
                                                                              ~ Adrienne 

I I created this co-creative circle to facilitate the deep inner, evolutionary work now being called for on this planet. And while I will be the content instructor, you and all other members,  will be making valuable contributions by sharing your presence. This requires a level of confidentiality and respect for others, ensuring a safe space to engage in this level of transformation.

 I have 30 years of experience gathered along the way of my own self-healing journey, pulling from a diverse repertoire of tools, including:

The traditional practices of Advaita Vedanta -- the study of non-duality, Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness, sound healing and Hatha and Kundalini yoga — considered the original sciences of consciousness — as well as the modern-day sciences of neuro-biology, quantum physics, transpersonal hypnotherapy, and energy/vibrational medicine. 

Cosmic Sky

 The Quantum Perspective is the most inclusive perspective available. And it leads the "seeker"--you to uncover the 
Quantum field of potentiality, 
the realm in which all possibility lies.  

When you begin to account for the
FULL expanse of  your LIVING consciousness,
you're no longer required to work inside of a 
sliver of  awareness, and so,
an entirely new vision of what's possible  
 emerges that was not available to you before.

This is INvoke!

“When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change."


                                                       ~Max Planck


"How does INvoke work?"

I will be offering the in-depth version of the work I do with my 3-month mentorship clients, but extended and nuanced. It's a deep dive into your own personal construction of reality, your organic technology—called the body, the ego, and the higher self, and examination of the ways you block your potential in life!

You will receive:

  • Weekly, one hour, LIVE interactive Zoom training/lesson, with empowered models for approaching your own consciousness, including practices, strategies, and hacks that will create the clarity and support you need to move boldly toward your heart’s vision in the world.

  • One Zoom Q&A session a month, where you can share your successes, ask questions, and get feedback from myself and group members.

  • Weekly recordings--if you can’t be there LIVE, that's OK! Each session will be recorded and ready for you to watch on your schedule thanks to our classroom. You’ll receive the link when sign-up.

  • Workbook pages and resources for the INvoke topic of the week.

  • INvoke Facebook community, peer-to-peer, where you can also connect with me.

It’s hard to move forward when we are anchored in the past. Without doing the healing work to remove embodied, energetic patterns nothing changes. This is where people can get stuck in repetitive patterns, habits, and psychological traps for years! 

However, this group will contain both the deep, abiding compassion that makes transformation possible, as well as the accountability required to take responsibility for what you’ve been creating in life. After all, you are the creator of your experience! 

Let’s just say, you will be getting your proverbial hands dirty!

 After the first year, we will continue our weekly LIVES on topics that continually support you in bringing your heart's vision, powerfully to the world.

What you get when you

say "yes" to INvoke!

Weekly LIVe Connection

  • Weekly, hosted one hour, LIVE Zoom call with myself, with alternate times and dates to accomodate various time zones.

  • Weekly lessons, workbook pages, and practices on the INvoke topic of the week.

  • Opportunity to practice, share, inspire, ask, be inspired, listen, and take notes.

  • And do not fear....if you can’t make a session, you can still catch the recording...

Endless training

and inspiration

  • When you join, there is already a $97 value course waiting for you in your course area.

  • 4 Hours of LIVE traning each month…recorded for your convenience.

  • Thirty-six unique lessons to help you discover the Truth of who you are.

  • Everything else unlocks over time. The longer you stay, the more traininhg in between our meetings you’ll get.

  • My 30 years of expertise and inspiration to integrate your  mind and heart.

Community support

  • First access to special offers and  bonuses, hand-picked for you over time. 

  • Trail blazing, group coaching and facilitation to transfom your life over time.

  • Homework, recordings, and resources to support your transformation.

  • The support of interactive of community 24 hours a day.

  • 100% love and accountability from me!

Become a Founding Member Now

Extended discounted rate for a limited time!

What's a Founding Member?

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an intimate, like-minded mastermind of seekers, dreamers, creators, coaches, healers, and lightworkers that are committed to creating their heart’s vision out in the world. As we look around our world today, we see old structures and belief systems falling away. It’s messy; it’s chaotic, and for many, very scary and uncertain. To be honest, many people have lost their center. But every crisis has an opportunity planted inside—with every ending, a beginning.

​The truth is we ALL have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY right now—to offer healing, light and love!

It’s NOT the time to try to put the world back together again;

it’s time to build a new one!

And so much more!
As this group evolves and grows,
so will the offerings and opportunity for transformation...
as a "Founding Member" you are
planting the seed for not only yourself, but also for the collective.

How can I participate ?

You can participate 3 different ways; pick what works for you.

There's a low cost monthly option, a lifetime access for one payment, and VIP Mentoring Packgage, where you get lifetime access to INvoke, two-hour Introductory Session, and 3 months

of one-on-one weekly mentoring. 

 Check details below:

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Planet and Moon

" Are you ready to call your

True Self  forth?"

I created INvoke for those ready to remember that you chose this life, this moment in time, to rendezvous with the truest version of Self--your highest potential and expression; for the giving and receiving of the magic elixir and medicine of LOVE.


 This all sounds so outstanding, right? But you may be asking, how do we make the vision become the reality?

When you join us behind the curtain of this one of kind Signature Mastermind, you will be embarking on a journey, an adventure of inner transformation, that will lay the foundation for

your dream, your heart's vision.

Cosmic Sky

CHOOSE your level of MEMBERSHIP:

Pricing extended for  a limited time!

$9.99 / month

Introductory price,

cancel any time

(normally $97)



(normally $997)

4 x $797.00


INvoke VIP Mentoring

Payment Plan



INvoke VIP Mentoring

ONE Payment 

Background for PPT.PNG

What's INvoke VIP Mentoring?

I created INvoke VIP for you, when you are ready to work directly, one-on-one, with me for individual mentoring.


It is an excellent option for you if you're ready to accelerate your rate of transformation. In addition to the club benefits, your package includes:

  • Lifetime Membership to INvoke ($997 annual value)

  • Two-hour, individualized, "Flash Light" Session ($340 value)

  • Three-Month, Weekly One-on-One Mentoring Sessions, total of 12 ($1,333 value)

  • Self-Portrait of Leadership: a sketch of your perferred way of interacting in the world based on what you value most.

  • Blueprint for Inspired Action Plan : A personalized plan of action that emerges out of your portrait of personal leaderhsip.

What can I expect ?



Before I started working with Adrienne, I was lacking clarity about how to put together all my talents and knowledge to serve others full-time. I have always created excuses (easily distracted) to avoid working on my projects full-time, keeping them on the sideline.


I worked with Adrienne, and received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training!

Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment! Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!

Irene Marti

Valencia, Spain



Prior to working with Adrienne I had fallen into a vicious cycle of depression and confusion. I was no longer feeling like myself nor was I able to enjoy my life or my wonderful children. This is definitely not a normal stage for me to be in for too long, missing my usually optimistic self and really wanting to get on with my life.

I had fallen into a darkness that I didn’t see a way out of. I was completely stuck in the Ego and my Mental body. Adrienne saw this immediately and through only a few phone calls was able to gently speak with me, guide me to my own answers.

For me this was the key to climbing out of the hole, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. Ever since that call I am able to catch my Ego faster and I am understanding the relationship with it better, which is essential to living life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self. Thank you Adrienne!!


With all my love,



I didn't make this journey all by myself.

In fact, I've had plenty of help!

My journey has been product of having the courage to listen to soul's calling. 


To then, be brave enough to leave the shore, of all I knew, to ask for help from mentors, companions, and fellow travelers along the way.

They reminded me that I could trust 

the truth in my heart.


Through searching and impletmenting the practices that could actually  impact and transform the way I had been operating.

It was a matter of choosing myself over and over again.

This isn’t always easy in a culture that believes this is selfish, when you are conditioned from a young age to give yourself up over and over again.


But every time I chose myself, I was telling the universe that I was ready to receive, and was energetically instructing it to deliver

the right people and situations to me.


I remember the first time I gave myself permission to reach out to a mentor. I have never regretted it!  


And now, I get to be that light for other travelers.

  I’d love to have you by side!     


Lots of Love,

The Vision: 

To access the full power of our minds and hearts to explore potentials and possibilities of human nature, that inspires others to imagine bigger and bolder ways to utilize their own creative potential that expands what is possible, for the good of all.

20180801_112353 (2).jpg


"Adrienne led me into a greater self-awareness with compassion and a focus on the solution. Working with Adrienne has been a process of growth and hope for me when I was particularly in pain around my relationships.

She guided me into a higher consciousness and I continue to use what she taught me as a way to connect with myself and be reminded of the love that is within and around me and on its way!"​



"It was crucial for my self-growth to take the step and experience Adrienne’s coaching. It was a “yes” moment that I allowed before I could make an excuse not to pursue it. To me, the coaching was a form of self-care and getting to know who I am, after years of being buried under patterns that I thought protected me, but ultimately hindered my authenticity and growth. Coaching with Adrienne was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in over a decade."



"Working with Adrienne was a game changer. She helped me approach my career with fresh eyes and an unbiased opinion.

I don't have much experience with meditation or mindfulness but she broke down everything

into very basic steps, making sure I was comfortable. I was able to calm my chaotic thoughts, bringing serenity to my haphazard decision-making

process. I was able to focus on details that I would never have thought to consider myself. Her guidance was invaluable."

You have options to choose from:

There is a monthly option, a lifetime access for one payment, and VIP Mentoring Packgage, where you get lifetime access to INvoke, two-hour Introductory, "Flash Light" Coaching Session, and 3 months of one-on-one weekly mentoring. 

 Check details below:

Cosmic Sky

CHOOSE your level of MEMBERSHIP:

Discounted pricing extended for a limited time!

$9.99 / month

Introductory price,

cancel any time

(normally $97)



(normally $997)

4 x $797.00


INvoke VIP Mentoring

Payment Plan



INvoke VIP Mentoring

ONE Payment 

Become a Founding Member Now

Discounted rate for a limited time!

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