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and the Re-Weaving of the Authentic Soul

The Handless Maiden

Join us for an Epic 8-Week Online Journey!

November 9th thru January 4th


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A Grandmother Spider Production

Sarah Adams


Adrienne Lopez

The Handless Maiden and the Re-weaving of the Authentic Soul

This course includes 8 consecutive Thursdays, from 4:00—6:00 PM PST, Nov 9th—to Jan 4th

 (Nov 23rd week off for Thanksgiving). All genders are welcome to join us.

Join us on this EPIC 8-week, transformational online journey through the myth of “The Handless Maiden and the Underground Forest” from Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with Wolves. 

The journey of the Handless Maiden in the underground wilderness is a quintessential journey of initiation that provides a marvelous template enabling us to re-connect and celebrate the wild, raw truth and intelligence of our individual instinct, emotion, and will, while simultaneously invoking our own divinity.

Through the lens of ancient story-telling, you will be gathering deeply held wisdom that has the power to transform your life and carry you through any wilderness in which you may currently find yourself. Although this potent fairy tale was collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, its roots go back much further!


This story is an especially potent ally right now as we are moving through a dark night of the soul both individually and collectively, which is a direct result of the call of our authentic soul to into our higher evolution.  This call is demanding us to face and integrate unprecedented levels of shadow in the body, mind, and soul.

Every week we will follow the maiden’s initiatory path, utilizing each step as an access point into discovering and clearing self-limiting, unconscious contracts so we may deliver ourselves ever more into our divine birthright of freedom, abundance, and joy.

The stages of the journey we will move through are as follows; mark your calendar!:

November 9th:   Stage 1 -- The Unconscious Bargain

November 16th: Stage 2 -- The Dismemberment

November 30th: Stage 3 -- The Wondering

December 7th:    Stage 4 -- Find Love in the Under World

December 14th:  Stage 5 -- The Harrowing of the Soul

December 21st:   Stage 6 -- The Realm of the Wild Woman

December 28th:  Stage 7 -- The Sacred Reunion of the Bride and Bridegroom

January 4th:  The Completion circle-- reflection, integration, and celebration!

While attending each session LIVE is preferable, each will be recorded and posted in our FB group, so don't worry if you can't make it LIVE!

The completion circle will serve as a space for reflection, sharing your experience together, and a time to celebrate your journey! For each stage of the journey, we will provide you with supplemental materials that may come in the form of contemplative questions, poems and song companions to enrich your process of discovery.


We are so excited to embark on this journey with the beautiful group of souls who are called to join us to mine the riches of this mythical fairy tale! 

Materials for the class:

1)  Journal or notebook

2.) Paper, crayons, pastels, marking pens and any other favorite creative expression tools.  

2)  Pen or pencil for writing

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Course Investment and Registration

The 8-Week Epic Journey: $244 - $442 (sliding scale)

To complete your registration please:


1.) Click on "Register HERE" to receive your weekly course Zoom link


2.) Choose payment option below

3.) Add dates to your calendar asap! 

PayPal (use friends option):






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Please see contact information below if you would like to request another payment option!


Adrienne Lopez is an Intuitive Empath, Energetic Healer, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Educator, Integrative Healing Coach and Soul Mentor.

Adrienne is committed to the transformation and awakening of consciousness on the planet, guiding her clients through the integration process, bringing all aspects of their consciousness, body, mind, and soul, which have become disowned, repressed, or fragmented at no fault of their own.


Offering tools, practices, and principles for navigating and alchemizing survival and adaptive stress response of the nervous system to liberate stuck life energy from the past, into pure potential. Clearing unprocessed psycho-spiritual material releases patterns of restriction that ultimately prevents the human organism from efficiently optimizing and expressing its comprehensive design.

She shares her passion for the evolution of consciousness on her weekly podcast "Lifting the Veil" available on Spotify and YouTube. To find out more about her work see links below:

Sarah Adams is a musician, sound healer, intuitive guide and Spiritual midwife deeply engaged in path-cutting the embodiment of the divine human blueprint. Sarah is passionate about assisting others on the path of divine embodiment to liberate themselves from fear and despair as they find the peace, love and sweetness of their own self love. She also enjoys engaging the Gene Keys to assist in the path of awakening and looks forward to bringing these into the Journey with the Handless Maiden. In her podcast "Awakening with Sarah" she enjoys interviewing cultural creatives engaging their passions to uplift their community and the world. She is also passionate about creating enriching education for the very special children of today and enjoys sharing music and creative activities to nourish the growing soul. As a lover of sound and song, she will enjoy infusing our journey with powerful and uplifting music.







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