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My Approach

I combine ancient, eastern systems of knowledge-meditation and yogic philosophy, story telling, with modern day approaches to understanding of the nervous system in service of individual and collective evolution of consciousness.  In our world today this has been reduced to self-development, when is the upgrading of the whole concept of the Self and consciousness through a quantum lens. My approach to coaching is shaped by both a metaphysical and scientific lens. It is so important to make age old wisdom traditions grounded, accessible, and applicable in everyday "real" life. 


Traveling the world on my own self-healing journey, I pull from a diverse repertoire of tools including the traditional practices of Advaita Vedanta -- and the wisdom of non-duality, Vipassana meditation, and Hatha yoga — considered the original sciences of consciousness — as well as the modern-day sciences of neuro-biology, quantum physics, and energy medicine.


In this way, I have developed a specific approach to Quantum Life Coaching, called Integrative Awareness Coaching (IAC), that is informed by my own personal healing process and real results experienced by my clients.

If you are interested in working with me or would like more information about my rates and services, please go to my Life Coaching page HERE. Or schedule a FREE 20 minute "Chat Session" HERE, where you can find out more about ways I might serve you.


You can also DISCOVER more about Integrative Awareness Coaching BELOW:


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