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Tools and Practices for
Resourcing Self in Community 




 Relational Capacity

Comprehensive coaching programs and services
sprouting from the organizing principle of LOVE!

Hi, I am Adrienne--
your greatest transformational ally!

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I support
soulpreneurs,creatives, healers, intuitives,
and coaches 

to step into their leadership, 
power, purpose, and vision!
Through channeled guidance, quantum energy healing, and high powered manifestation techniques.  

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I can support you?
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The most energetically abundant space to lead from, is a balanced mind and heart; it is th

Are you ready to transform your life?
To look at what really works?
To create powerful momentum in your life?

The type of leadership that transforms lives and moves mountains doesn't happen by accident! 
There are practical steps and ways of being that are required to begin altering the fabric of your life, and by default the world! It is time to step up into your role as leader.
It's time to access your quantum potential!

If you are ready for something different; you need to start showing up differnt in your life!
And truth be told, if you already knew exactly what worked,
you'd probably be doing it by now, right?

This is the opportunity to step your power purposefully,
creating your life in a way you've been waiting for.
This is an opportunity to own your heart's vision, to attuneand align your actions
with your values, and ascend old habits that have kept you stuck for years! 

It's time for take off, don't you think?

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Contract Clearing and Healing Session!

Attune to My Highest Vision

Attune to My Highest Vision

I am ready to ATTUNE to my truest nature, desire, and the wisdom I possess inside!

Align to My Highest Truth!

Align to My Highest Truth!

I am ready to ALIGN my thinking patterns and ways of being to manifest the life of my dreams!

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

Ascend above limiting beliefs!

I am ready to ASCEND inner conflicts and unhealed parts of myself!

Find Balance

Find Balance

When my mind, heart, and body are integrated, my wisdom qualities arise from the depth of my Being!

I've supported clients in all stages of transition and growth in their lives, business, relationships, health, and spirituality. Here are just a few examples of the type of results my clients have received from integrative awareness coaching:

  • Creating and healing love relationships​


  • ​Aligning career choices with values


  • Transfroming parent/child relationships


  • Creating leadership at work, home and family


  • Managing and releasing grief, shame, and guilt that keeps you stuck


  •  Planning, starting, and completing life changing projects

  • Rewriting generational trauma, and healing ancestral lineage

  • Clearing incarnational contracts, to integrate layers of consciousness

welcome to the great re-Membering!

The time has come  for you to remember the TRUTH of who you are,  so you can fully  embody your power, purpose, and vision!

You are NOT your experience,  BUT the  "experiencer" and "creator."  

So , instead of unconsciously reacting, and creating thru "crisis" or "accident,"

you can choose to consciously create  your life and world.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.”
– Gandhi

Attune, Align and Ascend to your

highest potential!

I am ready to ATTUNE with my true, authentic SOUL BLUEPRINT and balance my connection with "Self."
THIS includes getting clear on ways of BEING that work for me, through quantum healing, clearing and breaking multidimensional blocks and contracts.
I am ready to ALIGN the structures in my life--home, relationships, work with my vision, values, and commitments. THIS includes putting in place structures, habits, and rituals that serve my vision of what's possible in my life!
I am ready to ASCEND old conditions and ways of being that no longer serve me! THIS includes, maximizing my magic, getting in touch with my spiritual gifts, and taking inspired actions to create success in my life at every level!




Consider One-on-One Mentoring

Designed for intuitives, soulpreneurs, and conscious creators, ready to EXPEDIATE GROWTH, to cause breakthroughs at your next level

of inner mastery, wealth, and success.

Success in the 3D world goes way deeper then strategy or "doing."
You know this if you've hit a cap on the level of success, progress, or abundance
you're able to experience.
If you haven't been able to move forward--there is a reason--
and most likely it is your nervous system.
Integrative awareness coaching supports you in the integration of 
ALL aspects
of your authentic SELF, so you can come back HOME to inner balance
--the middle line between your mind and heart.
This is the place where you have FULL access to the resources and tools that
naturally align you with WELL-BEING--your true essence and your birthright!

As we look around out in the world today, we see old structures and belief systems falling away. It’s messy; it’s chaotic, and for many, very scary and uncertain.

But every crisis has an opportunity planted inside—with every ending, a beginning.

The truth is we ALL have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY right now, that will pass you by if you let backward thinking keep you from moving forward.

It’s NOT the time to try to put the world back together again; it’s time to build a new one!

What is calling you?


Join me in the weekly INoke Signature Mastermind! 

Welcome to the quantum realm of potential! What is the quantum realm you may ask? This is the non-physical realm of consciousness, of imagination, intuitiion--the place where all creation originates. This one- of-kind mastermind offers a community of accountability and progress, for actively increasing self-awareness and forward momentum in every aspect of our lives. Why, is this important you ask? Your level awareness determines everything in your life--how you engage in it, how you relate to yourself, others and the world! Simply put, it determines the experience of your life.

I am excited to invite new members to the Signature Mastermind group, "INVOKE," where a like minded group of people can deeply delve into increasing their level of Self-Awarness, to call forth your truest SELF from the quantum realm of potentiality.   You will become a student of your own self-awareness, to identify what habits, thinking, or behaviors hold you back. We will look at every area of your life, bringing a level of awareness that is focused and authentic, based on your sense of well-being, goals, aspirations, and vision for your life, all in a like-minded community of seekers and sages.


We will unpack the fundamentals of self-awareness—to examine how self-awareness affects every level of our lives, including the level of ease and freedom we experience in life.  We will also be looking at some of the biggest questions people have about their purpose and activating their potential. For example, some of the topics we've already explored are:

  • The difference between self-awarness and consciousness from quantum perspective.

  • The architecture of consciousness and how it shapes our everyday awareness and actions.

  • Practices, tools and mindsets to navigate repetitive or unproductive, painful patterns of thinking and behaving.

  • Align your life with your values.

  • Create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with Self and then others.

  • Gain clarity about life purpose.

  • Locate healthy, balanced approaches to money, abundance, health, and time.

  • Balance shadow aspects, self-sabotage, integrating its potential and gifts.

  • Utilize the power of focused attention.

  • The integration of consciousness, ending the continual need to project out in the world.

You can join at anytime--with tons of content already available in the group.

Click on this link to find out more or to join

the INvoke Signature Mastermind:

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Your Mind and Heart...

Harnessing the Power of Mind and Heart

Humans are more than just conscious—we are also self-aware of our own consciousness. To be conscious is to think; and to be self-aware is to realize that you are a thinking being and to reflect and choose the quality of your thoughts. This happens to be the space where we can face our greatest burden or greatest freedom. In yogic texts, the space of the unity or wholeness of mind-heart is called Satchitnanda or "place of truth, consciousness, and bliss"


This is the axis of my work as an Integrative Awareness Coach.

This is where we, humans, can get into the most problems because many of us were NOT taught about these two aspects of ourselves—consciousness and self-awareness—and how they interact with one another--to fully understand how our relationship to our own self-awareness can affect our state of being, our emotional and physical health, both positively and negatively. And these aspects of our humanity, seem so simple, so fundamental to our existence, to not have a firm grasp of and mastery over. This is how my specific approach to coaching emerged.

To be transparent, it was a mix of my own trauma, pain, frustration, and limitation and my desire to find an easier way. You see, I grew up in, what felt like, a constantly sinking ship, with an emotionally absent captain, constantly caught up in the distraction of trying to bail the water out from the vessel, but never being able to harness my power enough to actually "fix" the leak. How are you leaking your energy out in unproductive ways in your life?

If this is you, no worries! It is this understanding, that allowed me to begin my own self-healing journey some 30 years ago now. It began as soon as I realized the vessel I inherited was designed unconsciously, on the principles of survival, unquestioned and passed on from one generation to the next. The consequences: I was surrounded by sexual abuse, addiction, the mental illness of my sister and my brother, and the helplessness of my parents. My parents were blinded by their own grief and guilt, unable to take sufficient steps to right our familial ship. Not because they were bad people, but because they didn't know the tools to do so even exisited!

When we are stuck in pain, we can't imagine, or have the self-awareness, to fathom that there are tools available to experience life any differently.  But you know what? This is exactly what led me on my own path of awakening. It led me to having the wherewithal to listen to my heart, create access to the materials, teachers, and practices I needed to do the work of pulling myself out of the unconscious trance I inherited. Needless to say, we are all a work in progress.

To do this, I had to learn to make friends with all the parts of myself—studying how the nervous system works, how it responds to personal and generational trauma, how it creates habitual reactions, blocks, and fears that stop us from truly knowing ourselves and so, our ability to live fully. I have spent 30 years educating myself about consciousness and self-awareness, understanding how these aspects, are often at odds with one another. This journey has allowed me to develop and share effective tools, mindsets, and practices that act to re-integrate the fragmented parts of the Self, bringing us back home. ​


A different type of journey awaits you--a new type of adventure is possible! In my coaching practice, I merge the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology with my 22 years of contemplative practice and yoga in the service of transformative self-healing at the most fundamental level of "Being." I offer effective, practical, lasting solutions that are uniquely tailored to each of my clients and the specific challenges they are facing in their evolution, and road to freedom. The good news is that, the time has come, to let this all go!

Developing a greater sense of self-awareness can help you if you ever asked yourself questions like:

  • Am I living in alignment with my values ?

  • How can I improve my relationships?

  • How can I show up 100% in my life, without excuses?

  • Am I having the type of results and experiences I want in life?

  • Do I wish my life was different?

  • Am I fulfilling my true potential and purpose?

The time has come for inner voyagers, inner travelers to embark on their journey!

The time has come to explore the oldest, and newest frontier around and to claim your birthright!


It is time for the GREAT RE—membering—a putting ourselves back together again -- and bringing the human frame back into balance!  

Because the TRUTH is, you deserve to be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. You don't get an award for your continued commitment to suffering. You have permission to stop baring a burden that is not yours to carry. Once you make the choice, transformation and a level of freedom you imagine can happen in an instant!

Something magical happens when the connection between the mind and heart is re-established. All of sudden, you are back on-line" and able to access the fullness of your life energy!

And it starts with a little bit at first, until you begin to trust your own experience from within. You become your own authority, instead of waiting for others to validate or recognize your experience. You are the scientist, and your mind and your heart are your lab. And the only thing holding you back, is your belief system.

So, I invite you to join me on this adventure, where I will exploring the foundations of what it means to be human, the different vehicles we’ve been given, and how we can develop them more fully so that they can support and create the kind of world that we dream of having.

Check here soon for my upcoming podcasts and Youtube videos on this subject and similar topics!



All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

—Blaise Pascal

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My Path to Coaching

“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”


~ Carl Townsend


I’ve accomplished a lot in my life. I had a thriving beauty business for 10 years in Southern California, earned several higher degrees, traveled the world, served as an educator and professional development coach for 17 years. Until, one day in 2017, it finally occurred to me that I had completed most of these endeavors with one hand tied behind my back, figuratively speaking!


What I mean is, that I had mostly made choices along my path, as a reaction. More specifically, my "choices" were a product of pushing away, or running away, from my unconscious belief system that was created from fear; fear I was not enough and what I truly wanted didn’t even exist. This is what a call as creating your life from shadow, which produces "bittersweet" experiences, events, and relationships in our lives.


This is what I call living in the alternate reality of the ego-mind or survival instinct. This mode of operation only let me access a fraction of my potential, power, and purpose. That is why I was compulsively moving to one thing to the next, trying to find fulfillment, while not consciously understanding that I would never be satisfied by things, situations, and people, that I created through fear—running away from my truest self, desires, and vision.

I started to ask myself how these fear based operating systems were created and why they were there.


Although, I started educating myself about self-growth and development in my teens, it took many years to get to the core of my internal wounding that had created the mental and emotional restrictions I was experiencing. It looked like self-doubt, disconnection from myself and others, fear, procrastination, lack of support and deep meaningful relationships. All this because, I didn’t realize the depth at which we humans, are required to abandon ourselves 

from an early age. Another way of saying this is, we begin to separate from ourselves (go unconsious) in order to survive. Our culture is set up this way. I mean when I looked around, it just seemed "normal."



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What Would You Do If YOU Ran the World E
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When Women Run the World Sh*t Gets Done: Celebrating the Power of Women Now 

Shelly Rachanow’s book contains a diverse collection of brave, beautiful, brilliant, creative, and totally possible ideas that women have shared, complemented by inspirational quotes from famous women and action lists like "Ten Things You Can Start Doing Now." Rachanow's warm and encouraging voice motivates readers to join other amazing women who are kicking serious butt for the good of all. Learn to:

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“I am everything, coming in, going out. How can I speak of another? Like a wave my body is here and gone. Look closely – a million waves, one sea.”


"Thank you for sharing your game. I found that it was a fun reminder to stay in an energetic space of love, joy, and happiness, which then attracts more of the same."

Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Healer, Ann M.

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