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The Great Re-membering

Welcome My Friends.

Here is Episode 4, of my brand, new Mindheart-Space Podcast. Please enjoy!

In a phrase, your life is a “work of art--and you are the artist’! The human body, this organic temple and space suit, made of flesh, and blood, and bone, is the most sophisticated instrument known to man! And the space between our mind and heart is the command center from which we experience this thing called life. In fact, although Google maps won’t probably tell you this, the human nervous system was the original GPS on this planet! It is what locates us in the four directions of space and navigates our relationship to time. However, many of us, at no fault of our own, have been cut off, or unplugged, seemingly, from accessing our natural vibration as wholly, integrated energetic beings, which is our very lifeline to Source.

If you take a moment to get very still, letting your attention rest on your breath, as you notice the sensation of each inhale and exhale, taking a moment to let yourself arrive in your body, you can feel it, can't you? When you really take the time to tune in, you can feel you are connected to something larger than yourself, something more expansive than what you can you see with eyes or grasp with your other senses? In fact, it is our feeling that actually contains the powerful energy needed to propel us across the bridge of consciousness and transformation we are now being called to at this very moment and time! But what if I told you, emotions are a vibrational technology, that can transform the entire human system and experience, as most of us have known it, and it is available to regular people, like you and me, right here, right NOW!

The catch is that we would have to actually be willing to feel our emotions, delve into them as data points containing vast amounts of information that we usually repress or ignore. Let me explain a little more about what I’m getting at here.

E-motion, or energy in motion, allows us to access our Intuition, which has been traditionally associated with the feminine aspect of the Self, and has been greatly mistrusted, devalued, and repressed—so much so, that our ability to attune and calibrate to the sea of energetic information around us, is often overridden, and often unacknowledged, because it is not even seen—because it is invisible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or that it’s not real. Or that these invisible energies, like love, hope, peace and faith, don’t have a real impact on how we live our life or the world around us. We are taught in our schools, and in our thought and reason laden world, to identify ourselves merely with our thinking—at the cost of all other aspects of our being. And this disconnect has happened to many people because we are socialized, through collective filters, imposed on us from the outside that negate our rich internal worlds, our inner essence, and we taught this from a very young age, cutting the mind off from the heart, leaving many lost and wondering what the purpose of life really is.

The results have been grave—leaving us in a, sort of, bankrupt condition, as we have not only been separated from nature, but also separated from the nature of ourselves. The mind has been isolated from the organic whole in which it exists and is asked to complete a job it was not designed to do! This causes individuals to constantly search outside themselves—in the realm of a dualistic view of reality, based on subject-object relations—which is the level of awareness of appearances, but not at the energetic level of awareness where EVERYTHING originates. As quantum physicist, Max Plank commented: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

And so, this is the way our nature has been hidden from us, right out in the open. As the old story goes, our treasure was hidden in a place we would never look—right in our heart and its modern-day revision, its electromagnetic field! Scientists, for example, at the HeartMath Institute, have discovered that the heart’s electromagnetic field is actually larger than the brain’s. This is where we get into the QUANTUM nature of our REALITY and BEING itself! Because the scientific vocabulary for these forces were not available to the ancient authors of the great scriptures and wisdom schools, they had to express these concepts in the linguistic domains that was available to them at the time. But one central message exists in ALL world religions and philosophies is—We are all ONE.

But we can also see, many times, religions themselves contradict this message. For example, in the Christian tradition, we inherit the concept of Faith that suggests ALL things are possible, while at the same time it offers a anthropomorphic God, possessing a personified will—a heavenly father, in the distant sky, who promises us a heaven, in the distant future, postmortem, so that the principle of power and creation itself, is located outside of us, in an entirely different realm, that will not be found after we die.

This iconography, if you think about it, actually mirrors our incapacity, our inability to connect with the vast amount of higher awareness, information, and knowledge—in the form of energy—that is all around us. In fact, we see that the true disconnect is actually with ourselves and our own TRUE nature—always placed somewhere just beyond us. Yet at the ancient text of the Vedas, as they inform us, “Knowledge is structured in consciousness, in the transcendental field, in which reside all the impulses of creative intelligence responsible for the whole manifest universe. He who knows this field is established in evenness, and the wholeness of life.”

I truly believe, as part of my own lived experience, that humans were meant to connect with the world, with the Earth, and the cosmos through the portal of the heart because we are an essential part of these organic systems in which we inhabit. As I mentioned earlier, every spiritual belief system was originally founded on this principle of UNITY. We are not separate, we are no separate from each other, from matter, from the planet, and the stars—in fact, we are made of them.

But all the same, many people don’t even begin to scratch the surface of reality, because we've forgotten how to live in the world, or worse yet, weren’t given the tools to decipher Truth from ignorance. And thus, we’ve believed the world of duality is primary, which we’ve confirmed through appearances through our sights and other senses. Because our world couldn’t reconcile two opposing truths—one presented by the Newtonian perspective of the universe, where humans, as living subjects, act on a dead universe of lifeless objects, and at the same time, hold the one presented by Quantum Physics, ( or at least Bohm’s version anyway which recalls the claims of the Vedas): we ARE consciousness observing itself—that we live in the transcendent field of consciousness, where creative intelligence is manifesting this entire universe!

As Quantum Physics has shown us, our senses can only interpret data through a limited spectrum of light. There is so much more going on under the surface of matter—and it all ENERGETIC—an arena, our minds can direct, but cannot decode, nor is it the originator of it. And so, reason, logic, and the mind are like a blind person, shuffling around a dark room, unsure which way is up and which is down. And in our current reality, we perhaps see this more than ever, where people aren’t sure what is real; what are the facts; they can’t believe their eyes or ears. We are now in the process of what I am calling “The Great Re-membering”—perhaps the biggest re-membering ever experienced or witnessed throughout the ages! And we have front row seats!

We are having to return to ourselves and accept our own inner authority and knowing, instead of referring to an all-encompassing source of information outside ourselves. We can’t, even if we still wanted to, and many people still want to. But, the crazy thing is that, it doesn’t seem to quite be possible any longer, as these tried and true structures are crumbling before our very eyes.

We are at the point where we want to create a beautiful, new masterpiece, but we only having two colors--black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. And while these oppositions are great tools to distinguish, compare, or judge matters of the material world, they don’t get us where we need to be at on the heart level, limiting our ability to function in higher spheres of consciousness or awareness.

But now, you are being invited to what I call, as I just mentioned, the great RE-membering! It is based on re-turning, and a re-tuning, to the entirety of who and what you really are! A re-entry to all the spheres of existence available to us. In the past, this has been limited through believing our body and the material world were our only vehicle. Our body travels in this world, but our body can't travel into our mind or spirit, because it wasn’t designed to travel outside of the physical level of experience. However, we have a different bodies or vehicles to travel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and they are all united, layered one on the next. In this way we are a coalescence of matter (material) and spirit (energy).

This knowledge is at once both ancient and TIMELESS. It belongs to EVERYONE and NO ONE. The yogis called these the "Five Koshas." The Upanishads called these the "Gross, Subtle, and Causal" bodies or veils. Mystery and wisdom schools have referred to these as the "Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual" bodies or some combination of these depending. And when we learn to recognize, and thus integrate the fullness of our TRUE being, we can reach, what many sages have called Enlightenment, or Self-Realization, and even Heaven on Earth.

Impossible? Some may say! And based on the current 3D perspective, it is impossible and that’s why we need a new, updated ontological paradigm, that will more accurately reflect the Quantum nature of our existence. This will require an entire mental expansion—a complete cognitive reset, which will allow us to re-situate ourselves in the context of our truly intimate connection with ALL of creation as creators.

​No matter what you call it, it is important to realize that there are different aspects of our existence that are currently available to us--that we are more than just this material body that many of us have let ourselves be reduced to--out of fear, out of hypocrisy, out of control...and the reasons go on and on...

But the good news is that, the time has come, to let this all go! It is just the shell of a dead world.

The time has come for the inner voyagers, inner travelers to embark on their journey!

The time has come to explore the oldest, and newest frontier around and to claim your birthright!

It is time for the GREAT re—membering—a putting ourselves back together again--bringing the human frame back into balance.!

Something magical happens when the connection between the mind and heart is re-established. All of sudden, you are back on-line" and able to access the fullness of your life energy!

And it just starts with just a little bit at first, until you begin to trust your own experience from within. You become your own authority, instead of waiting for others to validate or recognize your experience. You are the scientist, and your mind and your heart are your lab. And the only thing holding you back, is your belief system and fear.

So, I invite you to join me on this great adventure, where I will continue to explore the foundations of what it means to be human, the different vehicles we’ve been given, and how we can develop them more fully so that they can support and create the kind of world that we dream of having.

Hi, my name is Adrienne Lopez, and I am the Integrative Awareness Coach (MA, CHT, and RYT) --combining ancient, eastern systems of knowledge-meditation and yoga, with modern day approaches to understanding self-development, human consciousness, and Self-realization. Traveling around the world on my own self-healing journey, I pull from a diverse repertoire of tools including the traditional practices Advaita Vedanta, Vipassana, and yoga—considered as the original sciences of consciousness—as well as the modern-day sciences of neurobiology, quantum physics, and energy medicine. In this way, I developed a specific approach to Quantum Life Coaching (IAC) that is informed by my own personal healing process, and is shaped by both an esoteric and scientific lens. I currently reside here on planet Earth!

If you are interested in working with me or would like more information about my rates and services, please reach out through through my website, or the Mindheart-space Facebook page. In the meantime, take care out there!

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