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Presented by Mindheart-Space Academy
Empowerment through Self-Awarness

The Rituals
of the

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A Year-Long Mentorship

Rituals for Reclaiming the Sacred Self


A transformational container for 
lightworkers, intutives, creatives, healers, and coaches that are ready to breakthrough self-limiting beliefs

and unlock 
your authenitic inner power, gifts, and wisdom!

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  If you are a seeker or badass lightworker, starseed, coach, or healer that is ready to
elevate and expediate your experience of
success, wealth and well-being on every level!



Are you passionate about facilitating the growth, transformation, and awakenging of yourself and others?

If we haven't done all our work, it's difficult to support others. This mentorship is for healers, creatives, intuitives, lightworks that are ready to expand and discover the higher vibrations and frequencies that are unfolding for those on the frontline of this work and planetary evolution.



Are you ready to discover how you can work with other planetary healers to create and step into the new field in which our transformed human consciousness and new Earth will grow out of? This means developing and using the tools and practices needed to make this transition available for outselves and others. 



Are you ready to integrate all the aspects or yourself? Instead of operating through the ego construct, we can develop the tools and practices to bring the fragmented, unconscious parts of our psyche to the light, so you can receive and share the full expression of the gifts and talents you came here to contribute to the New Earth.

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Course Description:

This is a 12-month mentorship, you will spend each month closely examining your current experience of being present and embodied, and what beliefs or conditioning may stop you from fully embodying each aspect of your being. Each aspect will be viewed and experienced through the main energy centers or chakras, each containing its specific aspect, themes, and wisdom for self-understanding, knowledge, realization and growth.


As we work through each energy center, we will not only address the imprints, images, agreements, and contracts, and stories there—gathered through our familial and collective linage, we will discover the wisdom and knowledge hidden, or covered over in each of these vortexes of life force—the places where prana—as life force is slowed down into density and material expression. We will include the practice of reconciling our impressions or memories, with the actuality of our experience in the “now.” 


We will also explore what it means to be an active or deliberate creator, to locate the blocks in our ability to be the CEO in our life as well as the idea of permission, acceptance, or allowance—which is the expression of the reality and principal of love. This includes the deep longing, desire, for intimacy and connection that we often look for outside ourselves in partners, careers or possessions.

In other words, this year long exploration will serve a window into the communion with self—which frees us up to truly be present and communion with others, our work, our passions, and our creativity. A great deal of this process is restorative work, search and rescue mission of our essence, the parts we abandoned, forgot, or betrayed to survive in our families of origin. This isn’t about blame, but about identifying our needs, feeling and expressing unprocessed emotions, and grieving our losses. We all have them, and the sooner we begin this reconciliation process the more we will be able to live our life more fully and satisfying.

Course Content and Format:

This is a 12-Month Mentorship, where we will meet weekly to dive deeply into the following themes, topics, and lessons.

Module 1: The Matrix of the Self

  • Levels of Consciousness

  • Duality, the Ego Triangle and Shadow Self

Module 2: Chakras and Consciousness

  • The Map of Consciousness

  • The Integration and Resistance in the Mind, Body, and Soul

Module 3: The Root Chakra--Survival and the Material World

  • The Map of the Chakras

  • Duality and the Current of the Universe: Liberation vs. Manifestation


Module 4: The Sacral Chakra—Sexuality, Creativity, Emotions and Pleasure

  • Energetic Blocks and Emotional Programming

  • Feminine Aspects of Creation and Manifestation


Module 5: The Solar-Plexus—Power, Demonstration, and Action

  • Masculine Aspect of Action

  • Inspired Action vs. Wounded Reaction


Module 6: The Heart Chakra—Affinity, Love, and Relationship

  • Connection to Source

  • Heart-based Creation: Feminine Field and Masculine Form


Module 7: The Fifth Chakra—Clear Channel, Speaking Truth, Invocation

  • Resonance and Alignment

  • Creative Self-Expression

Module 8: The Sixth Chakra—Seeing, Vision, and Psychic Perception

  • Self-Reflection and Identity

  • Unique Imagination


Module 9: The Seventh Chakra—Knowing, Connection to Source

  • Self-Knowledge, authority and soveriegnity

  • Cosmic Trust and Support

Module 10: Ground Work, Transformation, and Moving Forward

  • Spending Currency—Time, Focus, and Energy

  • Karma vs. Destiny—Elements for Thriving

Module 11: Contribution and Legacy

  • Building an Energetic Gold Print

  • Stepping Stones to Fulfillment


Module 12: Completions, Celebration, and Creation

  • The Cycles—Creating and Destroying

  • Surrender

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This mentorship can support you with:

Transform physical, emotional, and mental blockages

Step into your true self and potential,  beyond ego and mental constructs.

Personal psychological development, soul awakening, and physical healing through the integration process.

Discover the creative process and release unconscious resistance to manifesting abundance.

The art of holding space for healing, trauma, and somatic work.

Access a clear vision of your purpose, contribution, and work in the world.

and so much more...
Choose from one time payment or multiple payments

For extended mentoring option, also check out 

the INvoke Signature Mastermind HERE!


I am an intuitive, energy healer, hypnotherapist, and quantum life coach, dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, a return to the authentic Self, and the wisdom contained in the human heart.


I have been coaching individuals for most of my career in one aspect or another for the past 30 years, but today I now exclusively serve in the role of life coach and planetary healer. I am so excited to have created and offer this one of a kind, year-long mentorship, as a transformational container for lightworkers, intutives, creatives, healers, and coaches to more fully access their power, inner wisdom, and gifts.  


This will be a deep and profound opportunity to connect with a like minded tribe, to receive the support and build confidence in the dream you know is possible in your heart for the new Earth. This isn't just about 2022, but transforming your life and the contributions your will make for years to come. This is your legacy! 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this upcoming mentorship.

Adrienne Lopez,
Integrative Awareness Coach

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