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it's been awhile since I've had the time or inspiration to write. My life has gotten so busy with "to do" lists and responsibilities that seem never ending that my blog and website have sadly taken a back seat. But then....there was this week--Thanksgiving Break! I enjoyed a whole week off and didn't have to be anywhere or go anywhere! Can you believe it? How amazing is that? And while I missed my family during the holiday, I also took great solace in not having to be anywhere or do anything. Well, of course just the usual grading that comes along with being a school teacher. But the peace and stillness was a great respite, so restorative, just exactly what I needed. The strange thing is that I didn't know just how much I needed it until I had this moment to really slow down. And for all this, I'm truly grateful. I'm grateful for all there is and all there isn't. What are you grateful for this season?

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