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New Beginnings

As we turn the corner of winter into spring, there is a definite shift in the energy of the natural world around us and in our individual lives. The inner, unseen realms begin to unfold into the outer, material world. I know for me, I feel the energy of breaking out, being reborn in new and unprecedented forms at the very core of my being! Often, in times of change or transition, many of us look for comfort in the familiar, holding on to what is known—while attempting to step into something new. This is where it gets tricky! We have to let go of the old, so we can embrace the new. One way to do this is to focus on the excitement of new horizons, the extent of the growth waiting to happen, your readiness, your receptivity, and willingness to say yes! Life answers the call for more—more wisdom, more strength, more understanding, more play, more joy, etc. The fear of the unknown has to take the back seat, and a sense of adventure, faith, and passion has taken the driver’s seat. The desire and passion to move forward, to grow, to experience is the energy of the spring season.

While this transformation has been taking place, after the dormancy of winter, the seed hibernating deep underground begins to germinate and break free of its confines. However, at this time, there is immense pressure and stress experienced by the seed in the process of sprouting and breaking out of its sheath. This is the condition of growth. Nobody said it would always be easy or pleasant.

In fact, as you undergo this transformation, it can be quite unsettling and disorientating. So much so, some individuals squelch their new growth in favor of staying hidden and comfortable. This is a critical time, where people choose to give up, give in and throw in the towel because it all seems like too much! And it is—it is breaking down old conceptual frameworks---your old way of being that no longer serves you!

Although it may feel like you are dying, I assure you, you are not, but rising to a new energetic way of relating to the world and being. I’m here to tell you, don’t give up now! Hold on for the ride and see where it takes you—have faith in wisdom, the soul of life and growth. Let go of the analytical mind which wants to measure the benefits vs. the costs—"to grow or not to grow" is not a productive question! This place is where your intellect is most out of its element. The mind is a helpful and useful servant, but it is not the source of your growth or transformation. It can’t take you through the metamorphosis that is necessary. It simple wants to protect you from perceived pain or discomfort and in doing so, it may take you away from the opportunity of growth and expansion. So, thank it, let it know it’s off the hook, and that your soul has got this one covered!

If your world feels like it’s cracking, it’s probably because it is. But look around and see that this happening all around you in nature—flowers are blooming, chicks are hatching, and life is bursting out of old limitations and expressions of last season. Rejoice and know that you are growing into a place that is more reflective of the person you are becoming! May you have a joyfully exspansive spring!

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