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The Strange, New World

As the world shakes and shutters, people are searching for a sustainable path through this strange, new world we now find ourselves in. It's difficult for many to see the road ahead and face the unpredictable challenges and fears that inevitably accompany them. However, recent events have also given us a huge opportunity to turn within, and tune in more deeply with our own mind and heart; to have a conversation with life.

Some have emerged from this chapter with a greater sense of clarity, a vision for the future, or a strong calling, while others are feeling overwhelmed, defeated, isolated, hopeless, or all alone. And still, some of us, have found that we have one foot on each shore. No matter where you are, I think you will agree that this is a pivotal moment in history, providing us all with a unique window of opportunity, which we still aren’t quite sure about, as we wait for some of the dust settle. But even so, if you become very still, you can feel the energy of possibility in your bones, can’t you? Whether you are excited or terrified by it, one thing is for sure is; this is a moment that is calling each of us to bring our most valuable asset front and center: self-awareness!

How’s that, you ask? Some of you may be scratching your head. Well, simply put, self-awareness is the elixir that can, when approached correctly, most rapidly break through unconscious beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaving that have limited you, perhaps maybe for years! Like two sides of a coin—your power is resting right on the other side of your own awareness. In other words, when we begin to actively engage with the full spectrum of our own consciousness, we open up new doors for relating to the world that we didn’t have access to before! I know, right? But this sounds impossible! How could part of your awareness be hidden from you? Welcome to the world of the ego—the culturally produced self, that literally feeds off of separation from self. And its very survival depends on not seeing, being unconscious, going to sleep, or in other words, not being self-aware.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Richard Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who conducts research on mindfulness, health and wellbeing, study on self-awareness found that the average adult, American spends 47% of their day not paying attention or being aware of what they’re doing.

Dr. Tasha Eurich, a researcher on self-awareness, showed that while 95% of people think that they’re self-aware, the real is number only 10-15%! This means, that when you ask people, 80% of people have no accurate image of their own relationship to awareness, or the ability to be truly introspective or self-accessing. Let's just say, self-awareness is a trait that must be grown, like a muscle.

So, what’s happening? Why are people so confused about a fundamental aspect of human existence?

Just take a minute to check-in with yourself, turn within and inquire inside, maybe jotting down the first ideas that come up:

1.) Where in my life do I check out, go to sleep, avoid, or go unconscious?

2.) Are their situations, topics or relationships I try to avoid?

3.) Why is this? What is consciousness trying to protect me from?

What more and more research is revealing, as science is finally catching up with what the yogis have been saying throughout the ages, that there is a disconnect between what people think and feel, and their actual behaviors and actions. There is a lack of integration of the “parts” of consciousness. This is what causes us to circle in repetitive patterns and behaviors, instead of spiraling out, to evolve and learn from our experience. There is a scientific reason why this happens and I want to share it with you.

That's what led me to creating my new 3-part, workshop "The Power of Self-Awareness: Find your Freedom." See link at the bottom of this post.

I know, for many people I coach, the idea of their own self-awareness seems ethereal, ungraspable, or outside of anything they can be bothered with. I mean, they have REAL life issues to attend to! All the time, never putting it together, that their “real” life is a product of their perception, which is created from their sense of self—or awareness. And if you aren’t orchestrating it, the outside world will. Because your awareness is not an idea—it’s your felt, lived experienced, that many of us were taught away from, or had to disconnect from to survive. We had to, in order to step into the world, the ego created—the one that depends on the separation from your authentic, lived experience.

For example, I personally went through the first half of my life, having no idea that my self-awareness was the number one tool for powerfully creating my life. Why is that? No one told me, because hardly anyone knows! This is largely because it's the water we swim in, so we don't even see the medium in which our self-concept or image is made, something so powerful because it determines what we believe is possible and how we get to show up in the world. As a result, very few truly understand how our sense of self is actually created, and so, never access the full spectrum of their power.

Like me, many of my clients, have felt like something was missing in their life, but couldn’t quite put their finger on it. I followed all the rules (well many of them), I got my degree(s), I chased after accomplishments, built my career, and found myself feeling bamboozled. The whole reason any of us do these things, is the promise of the carrot dangling in front of us; that we would finally feel free, or would eliminate suffering, only to find out, we’ve become a prisoner of all we were chasing. And in fact, the ends don’t actually justify the means, because we’ve been spending our lives based on an illusion, of some imagined future, instead of living richly in the present moment. Only to discover, that this world crumbling may be the best opportunity for all of us yet, because it required so many of us to check out, deferring the arrival of that “someday” fill in the blank.

It did not give anyone permission to truly “be,” our human birthright. And by taking back your present, you are creating the revolution of presence my friends. You are just beginning a love affair with our own awareness—and that is beautiful! Some people still don’t understand that the collective power of conscious created this moment for us, so that we can choose for ourselves, and confidently wave goodbye to how the old, energetic paradigm had separated us from our own awareness in order to function.

It's time my friend, to pull out all the stops! Don’t you think it’s time for something different?

Check out my latest my new 3-part workshop "The Power of Self-Awareness: Find your Freedom" HERE:

Hi, my name is Adrienne Lopez, and I am the Integrative Awareness Coach (MA, CHT, and RYT) --com

bining ancient, eastern systems of knowledge-meditation and yoga, with modern day approaches to understanding self-development, human consciousness, and Self-realization. Traveling around the world on my own self-healing journey, I pull from a diverse repertoire of tools including the traditional practices Advaita Vedanta, Vipassana, and yoga—considered as the original scienc

es of consciousness—as well as the modern-day sciences of neurobiology, quantum physics, and energy medicine. In this way, I developed a specific approach to Quantum Life Coaching (IAC) that is informed by my own personal healing process, and is shaped by both an esoteric and scientific lens. I currently reside here on planet Earth!

If you are interested in working with me or would like more information about my rates and services, please reach out through through my website, or the Mindheart-space Facebook page. In the meantime, take care out there!

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