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Integrative Awareness Coaching

"The most energetically abundant space to lead from is a balanced mind and heart; It is the gateway to your quantum potential."

The most energetically abundant space to lead from, is a balanced mind and heart; it is th

Intuitive Readings

2 hours $150

No matter what dragons you're currently slaying, gain insight into the current blocks and lessons unfolding in your life. In this session, you receive an energetic snapshot of where you are as a spirit, and gain clarity and confidence about how you might navigate the current terrain you are traveling at the moment. Intuitive readings are also a great way to release past life agreements and receive healing around old hurts that may be keeping you "stuck" for ages.

The beauty of intuitive work is that it applies equally to people in any station of life, providing a rarely-seen objective point of view with far less bias or prejudice than we usually get in life, so you can get the most accurate "picture" of what you are dealing with and the growth process you are going through.

If you’ve reached a crisis, or a risky condition in your life, chances are good that I will be able to serve your needs. Our whole process, including the fact that we are working together, is strictly confidential.

I conduct sessions via phone or Zoom, but an in person can be arranged if you prefer and you are in the Portland area.

My approach to coaching includes a variety of techniques such as: intuitive energy reading and healing, quantum hypnotherapy, meditation, and yogic models of consciousness, and often a combination of these.  I largely help you translate the energy you are traveling through in images, pictures, and story-telling, so they make sense of the themes you are facing on your path of development and growth, as life often unfolds in metaphors and archetypes.

My experience as a consultant, includes coaching, teaching, and instruction in an approach to self-development I call Integrative Awareness Coaching that offers a powerful way into thinking about human consciousness as an organic and dynamic energy system, that is always attempting to come into greater harmony and balance at every level of living.

My current services and fees are listed below. You can book and complete payment from this page. Or if you'd like to dip your toe in, start with a FREE 20 minute "Discovery Chat" HERE

Hypnotherapy Package


(Four, 60 Minute Sessions)

This option gives those ready to transform a symptom or condition in their life head-on, by creating the space to uncover their internal assests, gifts and purpose, as they identify and clear mental, emotion or psychological blocks. 

I often recommned this option for those who require a little more space to create the freedom and deeper understanding around a condition or circumstance showing up in your life!



Past Life Contract Clearing and Healing


(1.5 hours)

We live in a quantum universe--where our life energy is more expansive then we've been taught to perceive. Have you every noticed the same patterns showing up in your life again and again? Although, there are different places and faces, do you find yourself playing the same role or creating all too familiar situations? Do not fear, there is a reason for this that is connected to unconscious, past life agreements, often related to karmic circumstances, or incomplete energy cycles. In this session, we will have time to look at archetypal patterns and unconscious agreements, that may have served you at one time, but are now just getting the way of your growth and development. This is way of updating your Akashic records.

Northern Lights

If you have any questions about what path is right for you, just send me a message and I can help you book the right option!

Are you ready to set the world on fire, but not quite sure how to begin?

The truth is, many of us were not given the tools or skills to address the conditions we're currently facing in the world. Mostly, because few know that these tools are actually available!  And, this is no fault of your own. We in the middle of a collective awakening.

Welcome to the

Signature Mastermind 

that will alter your center of gravity!


INvoke is a weekly Signature Mastermind and mentorship group specifically designed as a compassionate container, to gently guide you through the inner-work needed to get you through the current blip in the matrix that you're stuck in.

 It's a space where you can reconnect with your sovereignty and call in the level of freedom that is your birthright.

I created it for those of you ready to remember that you chose this life, this moment,  to rendezvous with the truest version of Self--your highest potential.

Find out more HERE

Act now take advantage of the discounted lifetime montly rate,

 just $9.99 for a limited time!

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